4 Effective Methods to Hair Growth Enhancement

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Nowadays, "thinning hair and baldness” are very concerning for most people as no one can deny that “hair” is one of significant parts of our body that helps us to have a good appearance. With these mentioned problems, most people lose confidence and avoid socializing with others. But, with today’s medical technologies and innovations, there are many ways to solve thinning hair and hair loss including self-treatments and hair transplantation. However, many people still have some questions that which methods will produce the best results and are worth to try.

Things to know and factors to consider about hair transplantation

1. Hair Problems’ Causes

  • Heredity
    •     Heredity is undeniably one of the main reasons for hair loss. Most people may take good care of their hair regularly by using the best products out there, but they still have to suffer from hair loss conditions. Just observe our family’s history to see if someone related to us such as parents, grandparents and relatives has thin hair or baldness or not because those genes maybe inherit to us as well.
  • Unsuitable Shampoos
    •     Each shampoo brand is designed for different hair conditions. Therefore, each time you buy a shampoo, you shouldn't think that which one is the same because the use of shampoos that doesn't match the conditions of your hair and scalp may result in hair loss and thin hair.
  • Unhealthy Behaviors for Hair
    •     The number of people likes to tie and tighten their hair or wear a hat for a long time causing the scalp to become damp. These behaviors result in hair loss and thinning hair which also include hair dyeing, straightening, perming, as well as using a hair dryer with high heat on a regular basis.  Also, the chemicals used while dyeing hair can cause hair roots to become weak and eventually fall out.
  • Stress
    •     Stress usually affects our body in all aspects since the stress causes the body to malfunction and it can lead to hair loss and thinning hair as well.

2. Hair Loss Self-treatment for those with Mild Problems

  • Use the Right Shampoo
    •     Before deciding to apply a shampoo, we should know which one is suitable for our hair and scalp the best and to know what types and conditions of hair we have, whether our hair is thin or thick, whether our hair is oily or dry scalp in order to choose the most suitable shampoo for application. Currently, there are various shampoos in the market, pricing from hundreds to thousands, depending on brands, qualities and sizes.
  • Adjust our Behaviors
    •     To stop coloring, perming, and straightening our hair to give some time to relax does not only help our hair to become healthier, but also save more money in our pocket. Also, letting our hair dries naturally also helps restore our scalp.
  • Vitamins and Supplements
    •     Biotin is a vitamin that helps the hair to become healthy, beautiful and shiny. It has a capability that can solve the problem of hair loss as well. The prices range from 150 to 500 Thai Baht which varies by brands and qualities.
  • Hair Loss Treatment Products
    • Another useful choice for hair treatments from hair loss and thinning hair that are not very severe is to choose natural herbal extracted products that include scientific research that shows promising treatment results and has clearly stated a registration number for verification.

3. Hair Transplantation

Hair transplantation is divided into 2 major categories which are

  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT)
    •     This method is done by removing the scalp full with healthy thick hair from the back our head to sew on the scalp where has the problem of hair loss. Then, the trimmed areas are sewn closed and possibly leave some scars afterwards. The prices usually start at 50,000 Thai Baht.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)
    •     This method brings a large amount of hair roots from the back to be planted at the area of thin hair. Approximately 4 - 10 hair roots are used per each hair follicle. The price ranges from 50,000 - 200,000 Thai Baht depending on the area and quantity of hair grown. The results, however, have to be monitored for a while to see if the planted hair roots will be able to grow naturally or not.
  • Non-surgical Hair Transplantation without medication (UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant)
    •     UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant is a hair growth by using "hair follicle cells" of patients with thin hair problems by extracting the remaining heathy hair follicles in order to obtain hundreds of thousands of healthy cells and to "inject" back in the problem areas. In this method, we do not lose old hair since it is non-surgical and leaves no wound on the scalp after the treatment. Also, it does not need to take any medication in combination with treatment which is considered as the high recommended method that is very popular and safe. The cost of this treatment is from 175,000 - 450,000 Thai Baht depending on the severity of the problems.

4. Choose the Best for Hair Transplantation

Currently, there is a variety of hospitals and clinics that offer hair transplantation services. Choosing a place for hair treatment is another important factor that should not be overlooked. With regard to cleanliness, safety, and expertise of the hair transplanting surgeon, clear treatment program details from procedures to the exact costs, these will help clients to decide and select the most suitable place for hair transplantation.

In the end, we all are able to solve hair loss problems by ourselves by using shampoos, hair tonic or any hair treatment products that is right for our hair problems; however, it may takes a while to see the obvious results. But, regardless of the method, the hair transplantation – another hair problem solution – is also considered a worthwhile investment, as it will not only increase our confidence, but also enhance good appearance for us in a very short time.


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