5 secrets of how to lose "belly fat" effectively

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S-shaped waist and flat stomach are the ideal shape that most girls dream of while huge and chubby waist indicates an increased risk of many diseases including obesity, heart disease and hyperlipidemia. Therefore, reducing belly fat is one of our priorities so let's have a look at a few tips to the flat and healthy stomach for all women.

Get to Know More about Belly Fat

But before losing belly fat, let’s first get to know this kind of fat. If someone has a body like an apple, especially, in the abdomen more than other parts, it could mean that fat may be accumulated for a long time and this fat is located in the internal organs accumulated under the skin. Therefore, in order to reduce this amount of fat inside the body, exercise alone may not be enough since it is required healthy diets as well.

5 Easy Tips to Reduce Belly Fat


1.    Start your day with an activity that keeps you awake, such as jogging, light aerobics, or walking to boost your alertness and burn more energy.



2.    There are activities during the day to do all the time. We can walk faster while going to the bathroom, to a work place or studying. We can use stairs instead of an elevator and make sure to get up from your chair at least every 1-2 hours to prevent obesity and other office syndromes.



3.    We are able to eat 3 meals as usual but choose what you eat more carefully. We need to avoid white rice and try more brown rice or red rice instead. Also, we should choose low-fat proteins such as chicken, fish skin and add more fruits and vegetables to your meals. More importantly, we should reduce desserts and snacks as well as carbonated drinks.



4.    Exercise at least 30 minutes a day for 5-7 days a week. Focus on all-around and abdominal exercises, followed by weight-resistance exercises such as sit-ups, planks, etc.



5.    Not going to bed too late because when the more you go to bed late, the greater the risk of being restrained not to eat a lot at night.

These are 5 simple tips that we can do in our daily life which require discipline and a reasonable amount of time. They are not easy, but not difficult too. If these could be done on a daily basis, the waist, neck, and flat stomach are within reach.


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