5 techniques to reach a perfect facial shape in every angle without surgical methods

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 5 techniques to reach a perfect facial shape in every angle without surgical methods

          Most people may have heard of the Triangle of Beauty or Golden Ratio, right? Those who love makeups out there should have heard of it because the Triangle of Beauty or the Golden Ratio is the real makeup aid for everyone’s well-defined face shape. Today I’d love to introduce these techniques that help complete the look according to the proportion of gold without surgery.

           Bronzer is one of many items that women always have in their favorite makeup bag for it has a blush-like property.  However, a bronzer is not actually used to create colors on a face but for the skin to look glower, and add more dimensions to a face in order to see a facial structure more clearly.  Each shade is suitable for different skin types such as 
      White skin tone - suitable for pink rose tones or light yellow tones or soft honey shades
      Yellow skin tone - suitable for shades of brown or dark yellow tones
      Dark skin tone - suitable for dark bronzer such as dark brown shades

But before buying a new bronzer, try to choose the color or texture of it first since a bronzer has both dust and cream types of texture.  Even the same shades, the different texture may give different results.

Tips: The type of bronzers and brushes can affect the final look as well.  So, choose the product that actually matches with us.

     Contouring or shading is one of those that help create dimensions for a face as well which will focus on creating shadows for various areas of a face such as a nose, facial shape, temples and under cheekbone areas. Usually, we choose to use a contouring method that is darker than our natural skin about 1 - 2 shades. The contouring products basically have 2 types of textures which are powder type and cream type.  Both of these types are different in terms of the areas to be used on the face.

Tips: For an amateur, we suggest that you use that powder type because it is easier to use than the cream type to get the most natural result. 


      Skincare products are considered to give our faces a perfect shape. Even though they may not be the way to see results immediately, in the long run, they maintain our skin firmness. The most important method of facial care is the cleaning process. With cleansing toner or facial cleansing products, it should be thoroughly cleaned our face and along with the facial hair.  Moreover, in the cleaning process or even while applying nourishing cream, it should be gently applied with the right-hand weight and massage along with the muscles and facial hair.
Tips: While applying a nourishing cream or cleaning a face, use the middle finger and ring finger to massage since they have suitable weight than using both hands.


Facial yoga
       Facial yoga is another way to help our face to be firmer since we have a chance to exercise our face in addition to creating flexibility for facial muscles. Also, it helps stimulate collagen under skin layers, create the skin elasticity and reduce facial wrinkles.

Tips: There is a variety of facial yoga so choose a yoga post that matches our skin problems.


Deep Lock Gold Laser
         Deep Lock Gold Laser is a non-surgically innovative laser treatment for facial lifting with energy from pure gold that can reach up to 5 layers of skin. Conducted research from France illustrates that the procedure does not require any injection or surgical methods. This innovation has also been certified by CE that it can actually lift a face. Experience the perfect face shape and a younger look in every angle, without having to rely on applications at Nida Esth '
Tips : For anyone who’d love to get a perfect-shaped face but doesn’t want to undergo a surgery or do anything that involves injections and get sick of thousand steps of makeups, we recommend Deep Lock Gold Laser program that helps lift up your face from the very first time you do.

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