Behold the results after surgery with Vectra 3D - the one and only in Thailand at Nida Esth

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At this moment, technology for beauty has advanced into the next level unlike in the past where, for each decision about plastic surgery, you have to think and – of course – you must think hard; "Should I do it? How will it come out? Will the result be as I expected? ". Anyway, it is only our imaginations since we cannot see the future and how the results would be before surgery. To be honest, the dreams of being like our favorite superstars might not become true in reality. Worse, many people, even though they have undergone plastic surgery, they have to come back and revise it once again for they are not satisfied with the outcome.

But hold your worries because today's medical technology has developed a new promising technology that can analyze and simulate shapes and physiques of results after breast augmentation with the one and only – Vectra 3D – in Thailand which guarantees a miraculous result for you. You can see photos of your whole body including face, breasts, etc. after surgery with no worries.

Vectra 3D is the only 3D virtual reality scanning technology in Thailand at Nida Esth 'that allows you to see photos of results after surgery by yourself.  It also benefits surgeons to improve the accuracy of surgery as well. Experience the beauty that comes with precision at Nida Esth’.

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