Do you know what the Differences between Subcutaneous and Visceral Fat are?

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Amazingly, everyone’s body is able to naturally accumulate fat in different ways which depend on several factors such as age, body sizes, etc. Some people’s concerns are fat around thighs and buttocks while others’ lie around other parts of a body such as upper arms and a chest area. Also, while some people have fat all over body, some have fat accumulated in just one specific area. But, regardless of where the fat is, this problem causes us a lot of anxiety, right?

Still, the abdominal fat accumulation is one of the most troubling concerns of all of us because, aside from losing confidence and proper postures, it adversely affects our physical health in the long run. So, to explain more details, let us introduce 2 main types of body fat which include

  1. Subcutaneous Fat is the body fat found under our skin. Normally, the subcutaneous fat is not very dangerous and it can also be responsible for the prevention of some certain diseases.
  2. Visceral Fat is also known as "belly fat" located inside our abdomen under our muscles. This type of fat is found in our body's internal organs such as stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, etc. So, this is why it is very difficult to deal with this type of fat.

Differences between subcutaneous fat and visceral fat

The truth is that storing fat in various parts of the body is a natural process of every living thing because the body will use the stored fat as a backup energy for future use. The fat inside and outside of the abdomen can be changed into various proteins such as Leptin, Adiponectin, IL-6, TNF-α and Angiotensin which are responsible for controlling the organs and other body processes. However, there are some research suggest that proteins produced by belly fat can also affect long-term health conditions.

In general, the abdominal fat will accumulate around the internal organs including stomach, livers, or small intestines. This type of fat can turn into cholesterols and penetrate into the bloodstream along an artery wall which causes coronary artery disease and follows by various different health problems such as

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • High Cholesterol and Others

How to get rid of fat both inside and outside the abdomen

As for the removal of fat from the body, belly fat is more difficult to be eliminated than subcutaneous fat since it sticks to our intestines and internal abdominal organs. This is different from visceral fat since it stays under our skin so it can be eliminated more easily through exercises, liposuction or general fat removal technology.

Therefore, exercising every day, reducing the consumption of large amounts of junk foods and focusing on foods that are rich in protein, fruits and vegetables that contain more fiber can help reduce the amount of fat in the abdomen. In addition, drinking clean water and getting enough sleep can be another way to gradually decrease an abdominal fat level safely; however, these methods take real disciplines and a long time to see obvious results.

Sadly, the fat in the abdomen can be a little bit more stubborn and gives various negative effects on health conditions. No matter who we are, everyone would like to get rid of this type of fat as soon as possible, right? However, adjusting your diet and exercising alone may not be able to deliver fast results. Therefore, another option that promises permanent, satisfying and safe results are the laser technology – the SLIM ULTRA program – at Nida Esth' Medical Center. This is a program that directly helps eliminate fat in our abdomen by utilizing ultrasound energy and high frequency RF waves which go deeply into the fat around our abdominal organs. As a result, our belly will immediately decrease by 2-5 centimeters and this can also link to health benefits too.

Anyway, in order to differentiate these 2 kinds of fat, we should consult with a medical specialist to perform an analysis to make sure that the worries in our stomach are caused by subcutaneous fat or visceral fat to find a right treatment for us.

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