Does applying sunscreen every day help preventing and actually breaking down blemishes or not?

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Does applying sunscreen every day help to prevent and actually breaking down blemishes or not?

    For the tropical zone like Thailand, the top-notch skin problem is melasma, freckles, sunburn, and premature skin, resulting in the creation of various products to protect the skin, such as sunscreen. But, there is a question whether the sunscreen can protect the skin from the sun, both UVA-UVB and can actually prevent the mentioned skin problems?


Causes of melasma 
•    Melasma is a condition that occurs later. The origin of the cause of the blemish is a complicated matter and consists of several mechanisms and many factors relating to many types of cells which are not only pigment cells or melanocytes. However, the survey found that there are 3 main factors that stimulate melasma which are female hormones: such as pregnancy or taking oral contraceptives
•    Exposure to sunlight and heat or even light (Visible Light): Melasma is often found in tropical countries with bright sunlight, especially, in equatorial countries. It also includes those who are rarely exposed to sunlight but exposed to heat and light on a regular basis.
•    Over 50% of heredity in the family has a history of blemish.

      Therefore, the sunscreen, by its general properties, can prevent UVA UVB radiation, which can cause different effects. As a result, sunscreen can actually help protect the skin and reduce the impact of the melasma caused by sunlight and heat. But, will applying sunscreen help reduce the problem of melasma or not? We have to see from the product whether it has some certain properties that can get rid of melasma or not since general sunscreen cannot eliminate the melasma but just help reduce the occurrence of melasma and freckles only.


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