Don’t let your skin make you look older than you actually are: Khun Pete

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I had been a cheeky person since I was a child. And, as the age increased, the fat on the cheeks began to sag, making my face look older. Wrinkles and deep wrinkles could be clearly seen on both of my cheeks and under my eyes. Friends and people around me said that I looked old. It was, for me, unbearable so I started to find a way to take care of myself.

Until I met Dr. Sunida at Nida Esth ’, she examined my skin thoroughly, took my photos and scanned both 2D and 3D of my facial skin in order to analyze and design treatment programs that fitted me the most. At that time, she brought a program for a "slender and younger face" with "Deep Lock Gold Laser", which can tighten the face up to 5 dimensions of skin layers without surgical methods. Just as I listened to the concept of the program, I started to feel more confident. She showed me a few cases of patients who had been treated with this program. Just the first time, I could see the difference that the face looked firmer and slender. The fat around the cheeks also disappeared so I decided to do it on that day.

During the treatment, after she had performed a program on one side of my face, a nurse then gave me a mirror to compare with the other half that had not been treated. Shocked, I couldn’t believe what I saw. It was just the first time and I could see the difference. I was glad that I took the right decision that allowed Dr. Sunida to take care of my facial skin. From friends that once said my face looked old, now, my friends said that I had baby skin, young face and slender V-shaped face. I was totally delightful.

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