Easy 5-minute yoga steps for a younger look and firmness without eye bags

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A slender-shaped face and bright clear skin without wrinkles are something every woman dreams of, especially, women whose age begins with the number three. It is true that treatments and skin care products are very important. However, there are actually simple ways that can be done in everyday life to keep your face’s youthfulness which is Facial Yoga. Just keep doing these steps every day in the morning or before going to bed. Your face will be slender and the perfect skin will definitely not be so far.

Step 1: Yoga steps to reduce bags under eyes

Step 1: Raise your index and middle fingers. Then, place them on both eyes, with the middle finger placed at the inner corner of the eye and the index finger at the tail of the eyebrow. Gently press both fingers, then, roll the eyes up and down for 10 times.
Step 2: Put your hand in the same position. Then, fully close your eyes for a count of 1-40 and slowly open your eyes.
Tips: Be careful not to press the fingers too hard because they will cause wrinkles around the eyes.

Step 2: Yoga steps to reduce cheeks’ fat 

For the cheeks’ fat reduction, it's very easy. Just hold the top lip towards the bottom teeth, chin out, and smile by lifting the corner of the mouth and look up at the ceiling. Keep the neck muscles taut and hold it for 10 seconds. Do this for 3 times a day and eventually your chubby cheeks will be forever gone.

Step 3: Yoga steps for a younger face

Step 1: tilt your head to the left. With the upper part of the neck feeling taut, hold it for 5 seconds then switch to the right for 5 seconds as well.
Step 2: Keep your eyes wide open and close them. Repeat this for 10 times.
Step 3: Use both fingers to gently press down starting from under the eyes to the tail of the eyebrows. Repeat it for 10 times.
Step 4: Use your middle finger to slowly press down on the inner corner of the eye or on both sides of the nose bridge, then, slowly draw your finger down along the way under the eyes through the cheekbones, then, the temples. Repeat this for 10 times.
Step 5: Use your index finger to lightly press at the areas under the cheeks, around the nose’s alas. Then move your nose and muscles around the upper lip back and forth for 10 times.
Step 6: Make a duck face and suck in your cheeks together. Then, move the muscles around the cheekbones back and forth for 10 times
Step 7: Make a little duck face. Then, look up as much as you can and hold it for 10 seconds
Step 8: Again, make a little duck face. Then, nudge the tongue out between the lower and upper lip. After that, turn your face to the left for 5 seconds and switch to the right for 5 seconds.

Do you see? It only takes 5 minutes a day. We can exercise their face to look younger as well as getting a slimmer face.

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