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For today’s interesting story that will be presented, it will be the story about the Gold Mask, which is the ideal human facial proportion. With many of you probably already wondering whether what is the golden mask? And how is it related to beauty?


There must be some times when we look at someone and a deep feeling in your heart tells that he or she is very good-looking, handsome and beautiful; these feelings are occur within our minds. Actually, people cannot answer that. Why do we feel like that? Therefore, if someone asks me what is the definition of handsome or beautiful in our meaning? It would be quite difficult to answer but we may be able to give a general answer as

•    Firstly, we must have a well-proportioned facial shape. The ratio of face to body is approx. 1 to 8.
•    Secondly, we need to have symmetrical faces; the left and right are equal.
•    Thirdly, the skin must be smooth, without wrinkles and dark spots, with a smooth and beautiful face.

As for the color of the skin, it depends on a person because different people with different nationalities have different skin color preferences.

But for the question of the definition of beauty when it comes to this person, he will definitely have the answer for us. The person is named Dr. Stephen Marquardt, a physician of plastic surgery who defines beauty as a woman who has a face that matches the Gold Mask he designed.

What is Gold Mask?

The Gold Mask is a replica of a human face created with complex mathematical equations, Dr. Stephen said. This equation is what mathematicians and artists from ancient times have discovered to be very relevant to natural beauty. Therefore, in ancient times, we prefer to call it “the golden ratio” replaced by “Fi”, the 21st letter of the Greek consonants. “Fi” is equal to square root 5 plus 1 and then divided by 2 or is equal to 1.618

This 1.618 is very important because mathematicians or artists in the past saw 1.618 as an important and naturally occurring aspect ratio. Whether the ratio of the width and length of the sunflower petals, shellfish ratio or even the ratio of the width and length of the insect's wings. Therefore, the “Fi” ratio, or the golden ratio 1.618, has been used extensively in architecture and art creation in the past. Therefore, past artists viewed the golden ratio as the "divine" ratio, that is, what heaven gave to he human world for use in relation to beauty

With the golden ratio found in ancient architecture, there are many places together; for example, the Parthenon, as shown in the image of the Parthenon, the front is rectangular, and when measuring the ratio of the length to the width of the rectangle, this cross-section is found to be 1.618, or the golden ratio. And what's even more amazing is if we stack the squares over the golden rectangles, we also create smaller rectangles with a ratio of 1.618.

The creation of the Gold Mask: the prototype of human beauty 
 In simple terms, the Gold Mask was created by stacking two golden pentagons and turning them 36 degrees to form a golden square using all the gold squares. Six different sizes of 42 images are placed on the key positions of the face, including eyes, nose, lips, cheeks and chin, after which they are drawn and cut off the unimportant parts. It will be a golden mask.


In addition, Dr. Stephen found that the golden mask he created was a cosmopolitan beauty. It could be said that it's a beauty without race is a beauty that is all the same and transcends time. Whichever age it is, the gold mask of Dr. Stephen Mark Wart can be used.

    Afterward, many researchers took the Dr. Stephen's Gold Mask Theory to prove it. It was placed on the face of the most beautiful woman in history, Nefertiti - Ancient Egypt Queen. As a result of the proof, Dr. Stephen's gold mask could fit perfectly on Nefertiti's face. In addition, a gold mask was placed on a portrait of the most beautiful western woman Marilyn Monroe. It is found to be perfectly placed on her face. Thus, it proves that this golden mask is a cosmopolitan beauty and is truly transcendental of time and race.

    However, the gold mask that Dr. Stephen designed is a gold mask especially for women, if it were a man; it would need a little modification by making the eyebrows appear straighter and deeper in the eye socket area. The nose is slightly longer and larger. On the face of the Hollywood star who was recognized as the best-looking person, Tom Cruise, and the proof was found that the golden mask can fit perfectly on Tom Cruise's face as well.

    But even though the proportions of our faces will not fit in the gold mask of Dr. Stephen, do not worry, because today there are various medical technologies that can help us to have a beautiful face and look good safely. Just please do not forget to be under the supervision of a medical professional only.
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