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We cannot deny that obesity is an ever-increasing problem in our society due to the changing diets and lifestyles of modern people, not only in Thailand but also abroad as well. These problems, in addition to causing insecurity in shape and personality, also affect our quality of life as well. More importantly, obesity can also lead to serious health problems such as heart disease. According to a report by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one in four people die each year in the United States is caused by obesity-induced heart disease.

Factors from Obesity Leading to Heart Problems

There are 3 main factors of obesity that affect the development of heart disease:

Most people already know that obesity affects cholesterol and Triglycerides in our body but did you know that obesity also reduces the amount of good fats beneficial to our body as well? And because this good fat which is also known as HDL Cholesterol is very important for our body since it helps get rid of cholesterol that the body doesn't need. Therefore, losing this good fat can contribute to long-term heart problems.

Moreover, the obesity problem also affects our blood pressure as well. Usually, those who are suffering from obesity need more blood than others to carry oxygen to different parts of the body, thus raising their blood pressure. This is why obesity is one of the leading causes of heart attack as well.

Apart from the two factors mentioned above. Obesity can also lead to diabetes as well so cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and heart disease are not the only things to worry about. According to a study by the Heart Research Center in the United States, approximately 68% of diabetic patients aged 65 and older suffer from heart disease. Also, people with diabetes are at the risk of developing heart disease 2-4 times more than normal people.

Reduce fat to lessen the risks for good health

Fortunately, there are so many articles on healthy weight loss today that you can read about to prevent heart disease and to stay healthy.

In particular, people with a family history of heart disease should take regular exercise and a healthy diet. It is even better to seek advice from a medical professional to design diet and exercise plan that are suitable for your physical condition.

For those who exercise and are on diet are not enough to achieve the desired results. If your average BMI is over 35, then using technology may be a viable option to eliminate these weight and fat problems. It could be a different method of liposuction surgery or using laser technology to get rid of fat on different parts of the body because it doesn't hurt and get to the results faster than exercise as well.

Therefore, if anyone wants to be in shape and in good health, the Slim Laser Diet by Zerona may be another option for those who want to lose weight while having a healthy body. Interested persons can seek a consultation with a specialist in dermatology and body design – Dr. Sunida Yuthayothin, MD, who has over 21 years of experience at Nida Esth 'Medical Center, a leading international aesthetic medical center equipped with innovative medical technology including VECTRA 3D which can simulate before and after results to meet every aspect problems and concerns of everyone.

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