How to Slow Down? Wrinkles and Pigmentations on your face

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Facial wrinkles are problems that bother many people both women and men, especially aging wrinkles that cannot be avoided; however, they can be slowed down if the right methods are correctly done.

Causes of Facial Wrinkles
The causes of wrinkles are divided into 2 types:

  • Internal factors such as heredity and age
  • External factors such as sunlight, pollutions, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

Preventions of Facial Wrinkles
Preventing wrinkles can be done by avoiding factors that cause aging. If it is an internal factor, it can be difficult to avoid but external factors can be possibly achieved by

  • Avoid the sunlight.
  • Avoid drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes.
  • Be cheerful and avoid being stressful
  • Try not to lie down on one side for a long time.


Sunlight and Facial Wrinkles
The sunlight has "the Ultraviolet" which is the main cause of skin aging and wrinkles. Moreover, tt can also lead to the health problem which is skin cancer as well.

How do free radicals cause facial wrinkles?
A free radical is another important factor that causes premature aging on the face which will destroy the skin cells, causing the skin to deteriorate and accelerate facial wrinkles to occur faster or prematurely. Free radicals can be increased by drinking alcoholic beverages, smoking, and stress. 



Wrinkles from Expressing Emotions
Another major cause of wrinkles is the facial expression whether it's smiling, laughing, frowning, etc. All of these cause wrinkles to occur faster including crow's feet and wrinkles on forehead, neck, etc. These expressions put pressures to the collagen tissue in that area until the tissue is destroyed. Usually, the body will always rebuild the collagen for a replacement but if the pressure is too much for a long time, it may cause collagen development to be less effective, leaving deep and permanent wrinkles eventually.


Wrinkles Caused by Aging
Aging is a key factor in the inevitable wrinkles and it is almost impossible to avoid such as wrinkles on cheeks that caused by sagging cheeks due to the gravity. Moreover, the body's capability to create antioxidants starts to deteriorate and then makes wrinkles to appear more. In addition, when we get older, the skin will become thinner and wrinkled more easily than in a younger age with healthier skin.

Does Makeup Cause Premature Facial Wrinkles?
Makeup doesn't cause wrinkles any faster unless there is an allergic reaction which doesn't happen to everyone. Occurrence of wrinkles is partly due to makeup, not directly. This includes steps for cleaning after makeup as well; if the cleaning is done wrongly, it could cause dry skin and wrinkles as a result.

Can Too-Often Facial Washing Cause Wrinkles?
Washing your face often doesn't always lead to wrinkles. It depends on the skin condition of each person but there are some recommendations about cleaning your face with a cleaning product that is suitable which are only 2 times a day.
Therefore, if you do not want facial wrinkles to occur prematurely, or want to slow down the wrinkles. Any external factors such as sun exposure should be avoided. Do not drink alcohol, smoke, and be stressful. Moreover, do not perform harsh facial cleansing avoid cosmetics that cause allergies and avoid sleeping on one side for a long time since it will cause our facial skin to sag according to the gravity of the earth; thus, we should be switching to sleep on both side regularly.

Source: Department of Internal Medicine Department of Dermatology Faculty of Medicine Ramathibodi Hospital Mahidol University

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