Impressed with unbelievable results of rejuvenated skin by Clear Vision

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I began to have freckles around the cheek areas for quite a while. Actually, I once went to receive some laser treatments at a clinic in Silom area; however, my problem got even worse. Fortunately, there was one person I respected recommended me to meet Dr. Sunida. Scared, before the consultation, I searched for more information on their official website and found one case of a flight attendant with the exact same problem as mine which was darkened freckles after ineffective laser treatments. Dr. Sunida took care of those problems until blemishes faded. Her skin now was smooth, clear and beautiful so I decided to try one more time. And this time, it had to work.

At the consultation day with Dr. Sunida, I was impressed because the first step I entered the clinic, there was a nurse who scanned my facial skin before the treatment for the doctor to analyze what kind of skin problems did I have? And, what technologies were needed for my treatments? The doctor then designed a personalized program in order to actually answer my problems. And, after the treatment, they took pictures once again so that we could see the after treatment results; how much did blemishes fade? How brighter the skin became? I could clearly see the difference so I was very impressed and delighted with the results of the treatments. It was also great that I did not have to wait and see unclear results and waste both of my money and time and also didn’t know what the results would eventually be. Every time of the treatment, there would be something called “Plan AI” that showed the today’s treatment plans and the next steps of the treatment. Also, it led us know what we had to prepare or take care of ourselves after the treatment. Nida Esth’ is a real professional in both safety and results. I’d guarantee the professionalism of the medical team and nurses at Nida Esth’.


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