From the popularity of surgical industry to the technological development of implants

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From the popularity of surgical industry to the technological development of implants

           In 2018, breast augmentation surgery is known to be the most popular plastic surgery in the United States. Approximately 17.3% of all plastic surgeries are breast surgery which has a higher rate of 11.1% in the year 2000 from statistics conducted in the United States.  The number of breast augmentation surgery patients in 2018 has reached 313,753 cases: an increase of 48% from 2000 with the rate of 212,500 breast surgeries.

Reference: Plastic surgery

          The amount of breast surgery cases that doubled in these past few years has resulted in the development of a variety of implants for breast augmentation and, of course, with the higher quality. With the development of types, shapes, and surfaces of implants, patients can choose what is the right answer to them. Currently, the types of Implants are divided into 3 types as follows



Types of implants
Divided by materials inside of implants
1.1.     Saline The skin of the implants actually are made from silicone, both ready-made types and fillable types during surgery.
Advantages: If there is leakage, saline can be absorbed into the body without harm. And, it creates smaller scars because surgeons can fill saline into the implants during surgery.
Disadvantages: We can clearly see the shape of implants which looks unnaturally spherical. The texture is different from the natural breast. Moreover, it can be easily torn and may cause wrinkles afterward.

1.2.    Silicone gel packed implants are popular than the saline type.
Advantages: It looks very natural and also creates feelings of real breasts. Chances of creases and wrinkles all over the breast skin are slim. Also, the chance that the silicone moving downwards is less than the saline type.
Disadvantages: If there is a leakage of implants, but the fascia surrounding them is still strong, there will be no sign of leakage. However, if the fascia around the implants is torn apart, the silicone substances are likely to leak out of its original positions and that is when new fascia is formed, resulting in a change of breast shape and the unnatural feeling. But, the ultrasound or MRI examination can help detect the leakage of silicone.


Divided by shapes
2.1. Round Shape
2.2. Teardrop Shape The shape of the implants is similar to natural breasts where the upper part consists of fewer silicone substances and more on the lower side.
2.3. Motiva (Ergonomix) This brand new shape can be adjusted to every natural physique in every movement no matter which postures such as standing, walking, running or sleeping due to the BluSeal technology that makes the implants highly flexible and safe from any problems such as breast implant displacement or rupture.


Divided by textures
3.1. Smooth

    Advantages: By touching, it feels soft and gives a feeling that is so close to the human skin. Also, the chance that the breast implants can be found by touching is likely more difficult than using textured skin implants
Disadvantages: The use of implants with a smooth texture can easily create fascia.
3.2. Textured

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