Rejuvenate our skin and freeze “young beautiful-shaped face" in time with Deep Lock Gold Laser.

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Technology that combines the science of laser technology with the legend of immortality of gold particles that will bring you back in time and go beyond the dimension of time. Adjust the structure of our facial skin in all 5 dimensions of the skin layers directly from the upper to the deepest level of the skin.

Why does my skin look older? What are the factors of skin aging?

As our age increases, nature causes the deterioration of the facial structure and the gravity of the earth causes the skin to become imbalanced, making your face saggier. Excess fat accumulating around the cheeks and chin areas, less productive collagen and elastin production, deterioration, dull skin, large pores are also signals that make the overall skin look older. 

Deep Lock Gold Laser

5D in Action
D1 : Youth 
       Utilize light waves to stimulate the DNA of skin cells to return to youth and firmness again
       Adjust the skin color to be bright and smooth.
D3 : Firm 
       Strengthen Collagen and Elastin network
D4 : Fat 
       Eliminate excess fat to create a slimmer face shape and decrease fat layers
D5 : Lift 
       Tighten the support the structure of the SMAS layers.

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