Surgery alone may not be the answer to some hair problems

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Surgery alone may not be the answer to some hair problems

    The problem of thin-haired baldness affects the confidence of a lot of people until medical science has begun to develop the innovation that might help – the surgery to solve the problem of thin hair - baldness. But as you know, the problem of thin-haired baldness can be caused by genetics, hormones, chemical exposure, underlying diseases, as well as medication. Making use of surgery alone may not be able to give a permanent result. Until, here it is – the innovation that can resolve the hair problems without the use of any kind of surgery.
    A survey from around the world in 2016 found that most people with hair-baldness problems chose not to treat hair problems with surgical hair transplant procedures but chose the non-surgical methods instead since the non-surgical hair transplantation is able to respond to the needs of those who experience hair problems. And, they don't have to worry about scars or having to take medication after surgery. Hair transplantation is considered an innovation that has been developed to truly meet the needs of patients.
    Data from the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery surveying 1,838,945 people from around the world found that 597,181 people voted for surgical hair transplantation while 1,241,764 people unsurprisingly voted for non-surgical hair transplantation.


(From: ishrs )

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