Tips to choose a perfect dress that matches your shape – "Hide the weaknesses" & "Enhance the strengths"

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It is undeniable that individuals’ shapes are unique; we have different weaknesses and strengths. Therefore, we should choose the dress that suits the shape of our body the best to ensure that this time, regardless of what outfits we wear, we will be so beautiful that everyone must turn around to take a peak. Let's see different body shapes and dresses that match them the most. 


The Apple-shaped Body

Girls who have an apple-shaped body or a heart-shaped one mean that they have big upper body parts including wide shoulders, chest and waist but often have arms, legs, hips that are smaller than the upper. Girls with this shape should, of course, be proud of their sassy-looking body shape. For example, Hollywood superstars with this type of body shape can refer to Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Hudson, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

To dress appropriately is to find the balance of our body and the chosen dresses so that the shape looks symmetrical because the upper parts are bigger than the lower ones. They should dress as follows




The Pear-shaped Body

The characteristic of a pear-shaped body is "wide hips" but on the upper parts of the body are small including shoulders. And, they have small waist but still have the wide hips. Moreover, the bottom is bigger than the top parts as well. So, when gaining weight, the lower areas such as legs and buttocks would likely to get noticed first. The shape is indeed beautiful on most people. For example, the Hollywood superstars with this shape are Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira.

The tip that to share for women who have this type of body shape is to try to balance the hips as well as the shoulders. But, at the same time, dresses should show curves of body as well like these following dresses 




The Hourglass-Shaped Body

The hourglass-shaped women have "tiny waist" but the proportions between the hips and chest are the same. Any woman who has this shape, I would say it is the most beautiful of them all because the chest, waist, hips are all the dreams of all women. No matter what dress to wear, they are beautiful, looking good and also very sexy. For example, Hollywood superstars are Kim Kardashian, Dita Von Teese and Eva Longoria.

To dress up for this beautiful hourglass figure, since they are already well-proportioned, they can dress easily with various styles of outfits. But, how to dress to look radiant and perfect is to follow these dress codes below.




The Rectangle-Shaped Body

The square-shaped body can be seen as a cylindrical-shaped body as well. It means they have a straight shape body. Shoulders and hips are equal in proportion and the waist is almost in the same proportion. We could say that the shape looks a bit manly. For example, the Hollywood superstars with this body are Anne Hathaway, Queen Latifah and Cameron Diaz.

The dresses that are suitable for square-shaped girls are the ones that emphasize the waist part, resulting in smaller curves in order to create a balance of a body.




The Inverted Triangle-Shaped Body

The apparent characteristic of the inverted triangle-shaped females is a larger proportion on the top. They have wide shoulders and back while buttocks and hips are not very much noticeable as well as the waist. When gaining weight, the fat will accumulate around the abdomen and the upper parts of body first. But, girls who have the shape like this tend to have really beautiful legs such as Hollywood superstars like Naomi Campbell, Demi Moore and Renee Zellweger.

The suitable dresses for girls in this shape are the ones that help hiding the top parts to not appear to be larger. In short, they have to bring up a perfect hip no matter they don’t have it at all. The tips for dressing are as follows.


All of these are tricks and tips to dress up beautifully according to the shape you have, to hide our flaws and to enhance strengths to look even more stunning. But, the first thing that girls have to do is to know what kind of body they possess. And after that, try to change the style of the dress to enhance our shape although the style we may not what we like at first but after wearing it, it must look good on us for sure. So, girls, let’s have fun dressing up.

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