Transform your skin at cellular levels for clear & smooth results with PicoSure with FocusLensArray

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Transform your skin at cellular levels for clear & smooth results with Pico Sure Focus Lens ArrayTM by CynoSure

  • Treat all problems of melasma and freckles while "repairing old skin cells" and "creating new ones".
  • Blast the pigmentations with minimal side effects and no risk of skin burns
  • Reduce wrinkles and pores, brighten up the skin and increase firmness for the healthiest skin
  • Treat acne scars, rough skin and replenish the skin with new skin cells

The Benefits of Pico Sure Focus Lens Array ™ by CynoSure in terms of melasma and freckle treatments
The revolution of laser technology in the medical history from the “Cell Signaling” theory is the heart of youthful and glow skin without blemishes – freckles long with technology developed from the “Cells – heal – Cells” theory (cells repair cells itself). "Picosure is a revolutionary laser treatment with Picosecond Technology that has changed the way lasers work. With high frequency light waves at the speed of 1 per trillion seconds, it destroys the irregular pigments with strong vibration without heat generation, resulting in less chance of skin burns and better results. "

Pigment Flat Optic causes a phenomenon known as Pressure wave, which has enormous energy to break down the black pigments – the main cause of melanin black birthmarks and freckles (HORI's, Nevas of OTA). As small as a grain of sand, it is easy for the white blood cells (Macrophase) of the body to eliminate; therefore, it fades away blemishes and freckles effectively in a shorter period of time compared to other technologies.

Pico Sure Focus Lens Array ™ by CynoSure does not only disintegrate the pigment but also stimulate collagen which makes the skin smooth and also reduces wrinkles. In addition, the light energy at a very high frequency causes micro-pressurized matter to be distributed across all over the skin at collagen levels.  It also has an effect on the formation of elastin and large amounts of new collagen; thus, it does not only make blemishes, freckles and dark spots fade away but it also helps the skin to be firmer, smoother and radiant with less wrinkle results at the same time.



What skin problems can Pico Sure Focus Lens Array ™ by CynoSure treat?
1.    Skin Revitalization reduces wrinkles and large pores while brightening up the skin and increasing firmness.
2.    Removal of Pigmented Lesions to treat freckles, dark spots from sunlight as well as black birthmarks and melasma that are resistant to other treatments while leaving no scaling skin or any scars afterwards. 
3.    Acne Scar to treat all kinds of scars including acne scars and rough skin and to replenish the skin with new skin cells.

Pico Sure Focus Lens Array ™ by CynoSure is a US FDA certified laser technology from the United States which can transform your facial skin to become youthful by non-surgically treating freckles and melasma at the cellular level without injections. Let’s experience the change of skin at the cellular level with Pico Sure Focus Lens Array ™ by CynoSure treatment to brighten and smoothen the skin like new under the best care of a dermatologist expert at Nida Esth’ Medical Center where offers medical technology to answer all concerns of facial skin, body shapes and cosmetic surgery to create a beauty appearance above the level of the world standard with more than 15,000+ cases with impressive results both Thais and foreign patients for over 21 years.


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