URCell, an innovative solution for hair loss problems

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URCell, an innovative solution for hair loss problems

    URCell, an innovation that will answer the problem of hair loss - thin hair with hair transplantation – no surgery and no need to take medicine 

    The technology is a combination of the science of Stem Cell to treat hair loss problems. Some of which are researched in European countries and also certified by CE Mark that helps prevent hair loss and protect the hair roots from the effects of hormones. It also helps repair the hair follicles and strengthen them without surgery or taking medicine. Just provoking strong hair root cells, extracting Good Hair Stem Cell with the proprietary technology and bringing Good Hair Stem Cells to the area where the problems lie. As a result, these processes help the hair grow back as black as natural.


    Gaining back your confidence is one of the results after treatment with the root hair cells with Low Level Laser-Therapy Hormone Balance and Hair Nutrition Program combining with HARG (Hair Regenerative Therapy) from Japan to help increasing the strength of the hair and measuring the number of hair by using the Nano Score Robotic System, which will tell the amount of hair on the head and how the density has increased between before and after the treatment.




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