Vectra 3D - a genius technology with virtually simulated results after surgery

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The 3D image processing system is the further step to encourage patients to make plastic surgery decisions. Vectra 3D technology helps patients access and recognize shapes and designs they want before surgery. It is also a tool that eases the communication between doctors and patients and promotes a mutual understanding between what patients need and the doctor’s evaluation, techniques and possibility to create such beauty patients wish.



The technology will capture and record 3 images to build 3-dimensional photos. The computerized AI system then processes and creates images which can be seen in multiple perspectives as a tool to help plan the treatment to meet the needs of patients. Vectra 3D technology is a technology that allows us to visualize after surgery such as breast augmentation surgery, nose surgery, or even liposuction. However, the processing of Vectra 3D technology should also rely on the experiences of professional and well-trained surgeons as well in order to assess the aesthetic techniques and needs of patients.

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