What is Facial Lifting Laser Treatment?

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Laser facial lifting is a laser technology that uses energy from infrared light to lift and tighten the skin by sending heat to the collagen underneath the skin layers. It causes the skin to shrink, making it look firmer. This method does not require surgery so there is no need to worry that there will be any wound or pain afterwards. In addition, patients can see the results of the lifted face immediately after the procedure and no recuperation is required. Moreover, laser lifting is very popular among celebrity celebrities. The results in skin tightening will be clearer and more tightened in about 3-6 months, depending on the technology used.

Today, there are several laser lifting treatments that are certified by the US FDA to help reduce wrinkles and improve skin elasticity. Even though it has not been as effective as a face lift surgery, many patients tend to opt for laser lifting because it doesn't hurt and there is no surgical wound and recuperation. And. It results in the overall facial skin youthful, looking younger skin since the use of laser technology can stimulate the reaction of elastin and collagen under the skin. In the treated area, including in the immediate vicinity to make the collagen in the skin more efficient, people receiving treatment will notice that their facial skin looks smoother, more refined and fuller. As well as results in lifting firmness, the process of stimulating the activity of this collagen will increase gradually over a period of 3-4 months as well, so we will notice that in addition to our facial skin is gradually tighter, our skin will gradually look fuller and smoother as well.

Intelligent non-surgical facial lifting technology that gives comparable results to face lift surgery
Titan® is another hugely popular laser lifting in the US and in Thailand. Dermatologists and experts around the world agree that the Titan® laser is as effective in lifting the face as well as a facelift which does not cause any pain. The Titan® laser lift uses infrared light to stimulate heat under the skin of the patient.


How Titan Works?


Titan® is a skin lifting laser that uses infrared energy. This energy will stimulate the collagen under the skin, causing the skin around that area to shrink and tighten. Usually, when people get older, the body produces less collagen, but Titan® stimulates the production of collagen, causing our body to produce more collagen in that area. It makes the treated area feel tight and makes the face overall look younger.

Additionally, Titan® is not just used to lift the face. But can also be used to tighten the neck area as well, and also to help in the issue of wrinkles and adjust the skin color regularly as well

Possible side effects after Titan® Laser Lifting
It is true that Titan® may have some side effects but the side effects are rare and are very mild. In most cases, patients found that during the treatment seldom felt any pain; just a warm feeling in the area of the procedure. However, after taking Titan®, patients may experience redness on the face which will disappear within 1-2 hours after the treatment is completed.

Differences between Titan® vs.Thermage®
Titan® and Thermage® are two of the most popular face lifting options today because both of these technologies do not require surgery. The patient does not have to face swelling, bruising, bleeding and scars that will follow or having to recuperate for a long time. The two technologies are identical since they can stimulate heat in the collagen layers to produce shrinkage and firmer skin and they can also be used on face, neck, arms and other parts of the body as well. But, the difference between these two technologies is that Titan® uses infrared light and Thermage® tightens the skin using radio frequency energy. (Radiofrequency Energy). However, both methods can see results from the first time they do the same. But, if choosing a technology that sees results immediately after treatment without having to wait for results for up to 4 months, that is Titan®

It is true that the sagging and wrinkles on the face increase throu8gh time but we can use technology to lift the skin to reduce the age of the skin to return to a firm and beautiful face. You can consult with a specialist in the field of dermatology Dr. Sunida Yuthayothin, MD, who has over 21 years of experience at Nida Esth 'Medical Center, a leading internationally recognized aesthetic medical center along with cutting-edge medical technology combined with the expertise of a team of doctors and staff to take care of skin problems to look even younger.

Nida Esth’ is equipped with a wide variety of laser lifting technology that can meet all the problems of sagging skin including Titan® laser lifting technology, one of the most advanced technologies in the 3D ADVANCE SKIN REJUVENATION program that can eliminate wrinkles and sagging problems once and for all. Be ready to safely change to make the skin firm and rejuvenated to reveal clear and smooth skin without pain and surgery for immediately clear results after treatment

For more information on Titan® laser lifting or other face lifting technology, contact our professional staff at 02-252-2121 or Line @nida_esth.

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