Why Our Two Breasts are not Equal?

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It is known that, naturally, in most of the human body, the left and right parts of the body are not the same size, such as eyes, nose, face, hands, and so on. The breasts are part of the body that may not be the same size. Unequal breast problems can be various in size, shape and position which is normal. And, the cause is mostly hereditary. So if your mother or your grandmothers have unequal breast problems, it is very likely that your breasts will be the same.

Unequal breast problems often become noticeable at the onset of puberty. In adolescence, as breasts are growing, one breast may grow faster than the other. The cause of these problems is not yet clear; it may be due to the fact that the breast tissue on both sides is not the same amount or the work of cells related to female hormones (Estrogen), thus causing abnormal growth of the breast tissue.

According to a 2018 study of 300 women who received breast augmentation, 91% of the women had unequal breast size due to natural causes.

Other reasons that may cause unequal breast problems

Unequal breast problems can occur during pregnancy because of the hormonal changes in the body to prepare for breastfeeding in the future. As a result, the breasts are larger and in some cases and they may not be the same size.
In addition, during breastfeeding, breasts may begin to have uneven problems, especially when the baby likes to suck milk from only one breast of the mother. However, if for our little ones to receive complete nutrition, then unequal breast problems would not be much of a concern.

Abnormal growth conditions in milk duct cells
Atypical ductal hyperplasia (ADH) is a condition in which the mammary duct cells of the breast develop abnormal growth conditions. It is not considered to be breast cancer but it may increase the risk of developing breast cancer in the future. By this condition, the number of milk duct cells is abnormal. As a result, the size and shape of the breasts change from the original and eventually not the same size.

In addition to the reasons mentioned above, other causes include juvenile hypertrophy, a disease that causes one breasts to become abnormally large. The cause of this disease is not unknown but it is believed that it may be related to hormonal disorders in the body which must be treated through surgery only

Unequal breast problem correction
Unequal breast problems are a common for many women and there is almost nothing to worry about. However, if the difference between the breasts size is 30% or more, everyday wear may not hide these problems. Fortunately, nowadays, there are ways that can temporarily hide uneven breasts, such as choosing to wear a bra that has a special shape to help make the breasts look equal or using a sponge to enhance the breasts that is smaller than the other. But, if talking about fixing the problem permanently, breast surgery is another interesting option since, in addition to fixing the uneven breast problem; it can also fix other problems such as small breasts, sagging breasts and the appearance of an unwanted breast shape as well

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