Digital Marketing Specialist (product)

1. Graduated from a bachelor’s degree in business management, marketing, or related fields

2. High creativity and responsibility

3. Good coordination skills within departments and between organizations

4. Good usage of computer skills and basic programs

5. Able to work under time pressure

***If have experience in online marketing would be specially considered



1 Manage social media sites for the company (Website, Facebook, LINE@, E-Market place)

2 Create interesting and on-trend content for uploading on company's social media sites.

3 Create marketing activities on social media to increase brand awareness and sales target.

4 Answer customer's inquiries and sell products within the channels assigned.

5 Analyze visitor's information and lead for giving feedback to team and generate more customers in the future.

6 Create weekly report / monthly report to update the team and present to the executive team.

7 Study new trends for online marketing to continue developing assigned tasks.

8 Have flexibility in work and complete other works assigned.   

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