Trade Marketing Executive (product)

1. Graduated from bachelor’s degree in business management, marketing, or related fields

2. High creativity and responsibility

3. Good coordination skills within departments and between organizations

4. Good usage of computer skills and basic programs

5. Able to work under time pressure

***If have experience in online marketing would be specially considered

  1. Manage-coordinate the new promotions for each channel assigned.
  2. Have perspective in analyzing the target customer group, including the product's brand image in each channel appropriately. Present to the executive team in developing the product to increase sales.
  3. Set sales target, support sales, coordinate and follow up with the marketing team and purchasing department for each channel. Including carrying out all sales plans to achieve the goal and KPI assigned.
  4. Negotiate for the success of trade sales and oversee Trade Agreement.
  5. Do market research, update the situation for each branch, check product stocks, and bring the information for analyzation to increase sales.
  6. Assist with media strategy plan and product arrangement according to the target goal and the company's policy.
  7. Other tasks assigned.

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