3 secret tips to skin perfection for Asian girls

Have you ever noticed that most Japanese and Korean girls look really young no matter facial skin or body complexion? They are fairly smooth and beautiful. Even Japanese women in their forty seem to be younger than those from other countries whose age is less or the same. How wonder!! Are they actually immortal because they do not look old at all. So, let's summarize the 5 secret skin care formulas for Asian looks…



1. Seaweeds nourishes from inside to the outside

Seaweeds are full of collagen that is able to nourish the skin and hair. One kind of seaweed named “Wakame” has anti-aging agents that help maintain hyaluronic acids in the skin.  And, as the skin ages, this acid will decrease as well resulting in wrinkles and infirmness.



2. Rice water nourishes the inside for soft skin.

One of the easiest items to find in households of Japanese women is "rice water", which is considered to be gentle and able to cleanse the skin since "rice water" is rich in vitamins including vitamin B3 and vitamins B2 which help soften the skin, eliminate sebum, reduce acnes and clear toxics that accumulate under skin.



3. Green tea for skin scrubbing

"Green tea" helps eliminate dead skin cells and acnes and helps brighten our facial skin. More importantly, it can actually revitalize the epidermis. Treatment methods range from nourishing from the inside by sipping hot green tea to break down fats in our blood and to increase antioxidants. Also, it can lessen the risks of various cancers as well.