Advance the liposuction technology with Supreme Luxury Liposuction SlimMelt by Slim Lipo.


Experience the next level of new techniques for "liposuction" – the next level of medical technology. Supreme Luxury Liposuction SlimMelt by Slim Lipo is "Fat melting and liposuction with laser needle 0.3 mm." through an optic fiber and a special wavelength. It can penetrate through the skin and dissolve excess fat precisely. It is safe and certified by the US FDA that it’s equivalently safe to hospitals in the United States. Less recovery process, no bruises and be ready to resuming your normal life immediately" 

Traditional liposuctions often leave scars and rough skin to disturb your mind; however, with Supreme Luxury Liposuction SlimMelt by Slim Lipo, that is superior to conventional liposuctions with "5S", there is no need to be worried.


    Slimmer than other methods of liposuction because the fat is melted into oil and it is instantly sucked out (there is almost no blood contamination).








    Smoother with the Dual Laser System to eliminate fat and tighten the skin while protecting the skin from wrinkles that is common after liposuction with other methods







    Safer from various kinds of infections and complications with a non-reusable sterilized laser tip








    Smaller Wound since it is a liposuction with a tiny needle size 0.3 mm.








    Single Treatment with obvious results; there is no need to waste money and time 







Slim Melt is, therefore, a "Smart Choice" with satisfactory results. It is safe as the standards of hospitals in the United States. With the techniques of treatment of the surgeon team, the anesthesiologist team and specialized nurses performing in the World Standardized Operative Room, there is no need to worry about safety. We are able to see pleasant results from the first time of the treatment. Slim Melt is known as a intelligent technology and is the "Smart Choice" at Nida Esth’ where has been trusted by both Thailand and other countries all over the world for over 20 years.