There are many different ways to accelerate hair growth, whether it is trimming the tip of the hair regularly or washing your hair regularly. But no matter what method, one of the factors most influencing hair growth is the hair life cycle, where involves both hair loss and regrowth. Therefore, understanding the hair cycle is another important factor in keeping our hair healthy, soft, sleek and naturally thick.





Let's start to get to know the overall structure of the hair first. Hair occurs into 2 main parts: 1. Root and 2. Hair. Hair cycle is divided into 3 steps which start from the process of growing hair from the roots to the loss of the hair known as Anagen Phase, Catagen Phase and Telogen Phase.





During the growing period, the cells in the hair follicles begin to divide rapidly to create new hair. The hair growing from the roots will last about 2-7 years before starting to enter the next phase. Human hair can be as long as 18-30 inches, and the length of the hair will vary from person to person. It depends on the body, genetics, age, health and many other factors.


In the second phase of the hair cycle, it is the deterioration phase which is a very short one with a duration of just 2-3 weeks on average. During this transition, the hair stops growing and stops from getting nourished by the blood. But this hair will remain attached to the roots of our hair without falling out.


Finally, when the hair life cycle enters the third or final stage known as Growth period, at this stage, the area where the hair is in the deterioration stage will begin to grow new hair. It takes about 3 months and later the hair in the deterioration period will fall out to open up the new hair growth through the hair follicle.

Losing our hair is not surprising at all, because it is almost unnoticeable in nature in which each root of the hair follicle forms these hair cycles at different times. So, we will not have a lot of hair loss at the same time; it is about 50-100 strands only each day, while 80-90% of our hair is in the growth phase.

So, if you find yourself with hair loss and thin hair more than usual or your scalp area begins to have a bald-thin section, fixing the issue early is a good thing because it will make it easier to maintain. No matter what the problem is caused by regardless of heredity, hormones, stress or any other cause, you can consult with a specialist – Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri. Along with state-of-the-art medical technology combined with the expertise of a team of doctors and staff to take care of worrying problems. The hair density measurement can be performed using Nano Score Robotic System technology to plan an appropriate treatment to design a personalized treatment by growing hair as well "Your Own Cell" which is a continuous care package of 4-6 months throughout the treatment. Besides, transforming you into a new person with "thick hair", Nida Esth 'also gives you that special youthful confidence.

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