Know Before Injection - Differences between Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer is for filling up the skin or for facial contouring. It is trending right now. But did you know that each fat has its differences,

even though it is from your own body. The Stem Cell extraction for injection is different in terms of molecule.For example, SNIF Fat Transfer is fat injection for filling.

But this type of fat naturally dissolve over time, causing us to keep filling it up continuously. Next is Micro Fat. It is smaller molecule than previous one.

It can  dissolve slower than Macro. It is used to fill up the missing fat cells for skin youthfulness. It is commonly done on these areas:

      • (Under eyes)

      • (Sunken Cheeks)

      • (Temple)

      • (Lips)

      • (Chin)

Nano fat transfer is extracted from the smallest cell, so it almost does not dissolve at all after injection. It is suitable for these areas below:

  • (wrinkles around eyes, mouth, face)

  • (panda eyes)

  • (wrinkles on back of hands)

  • (cheek lines/grooves)

  • (Burnt skin from sun exposure)