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Why do we need breast augmentation with Dr. Piya R., MD. at Nida Esth’?

It is because breast augmentation surgery is not a procedure that any doctor can perform. It requires experiences and special techniques of breast augmentation to create a pleasant result that would fit a physical body of each patient. Therefore, the experiences in breast surgeries for over 2 decades of Dr. Piya, a well-known plastic surgeon, attracts patients from all over the world to come to Nida Esth’ to have the breast surgery that makes them become the best version of themselves.

Skillful anesthesiologists with experiences for over 20 years since Nida Esth’ promises to every patient that safety is an important matter to everyone.

Specialized nursing teams with experiences in patient care, including pre and post breast surgery care and customer services, providing special care and advice 24 hours a day.

The virtual breast augmentation machine called Vectra 3D from the United States: the only one technology in Thailand that is able to simulate 3D virtual images for patients to see a result in advance.

The premium grade breast implants that meet the standards of CE MARK, US FDA; breast implants are selected for individuals only with a serial number and a chip card for detail checks.

Perform the surgery in the 5-star hospitals that meet JCI and HA standards, with doctors and nurses closely supervising patients and one recovery night at the hospital after breast augmentation.

Provide an “After Operation Care” to create even more naturally satisfying results and comfortable experiences to patients.

The Complete AI Plan informing all procedures of the surgery so that patients can understand the process and the results in every step.

The special breast augmentation technique of Dr.Piya R., MD.

Ultimate Breast 360° Technique

“Beauty Beyond Nature”: The breasts are beautiful in every degree and look natural in every movement with the special technique in the premium level.

The premium breast enhancement technique with ULTIMATE BREAST 360 ° means taking the breast augmentation surgery to another level by combining premium Ultimate Breast Implants, Ultimate Technique, Ultimate Surgeon, Ultimate Service and Facilities together.

Why Ultimate Breast 360 ° is more Premium than other breast enhancement techniques?

It creates smaller wounds since the breast implants we offer are highly resilient and therefore only a small incisions could be found.


The shape is adjusted according to the movement which, of course, is not in a block shape but softer and more beautiful than ever before. The Breast Implants can adjust itself according to the movements of patients. While sitting or standing, the implants will be in a teardrop shape; however, while lying, the breast implants will be in a beautiful round shape.

Nano Texture Surface resulted in soft and natural touch without irritation and it still feels real like natural breasts

No more breast implant rupture thanks to the BluSeal technology which creates a protection that will not cause leakage of gel inside an implant and does not stimulate the body to create long-term fascia.


Be safer with “Q inside safety technology” which is a chip card implantation within each implant to record breast augmentation data, such as the size of implants, date and location of surgery and a name and information of a surgeon who performs breast augmentation. All of these are in a serial number that can be used to check the standard of breast implants.

Hybrid Breast Technique

Hybrid breast augmentation is a breast enhancement surgery combined with stem cell transplantation from patient’s own fat, offering the advantages of both methods combined.  Transplantation of fat cells can increase the thickness of the skin around the chest and breast tissues which makes the breast augmentation with breast implants feel more natural and also reduces the chance of seeing an implant rippling. But, if breast augmentation with fat cells alone may create some problems. Over time, fat cells may be absorbed, causing the volume of breasts to disappear.  Therefore, we should avoid chest massage to prevent the disappearance of fat cells. But, Hybrid breast enhancement is a combination of both advantages and reduced limitations of the use of silicone implants and fat cells in breast augmentation.

Breast augmentation with patients’ fat cells is suitable for…

Those with very small breast

Those who have undergone breast augmentation with implants and are satisfied with the results but still want more natural outcome.

Those who want to enhance their breasts to have a larger size but still look natural.

The procedure for hybrid breast augmentation consists of 2 main procedures.

Liposuction from desired areas to extract and separate stem cells from the fat.

Breast augmentation with silicone implants and stem cells from extracted fat.

Dual Plane Technique

This technique is a breast augmentation where in the upper part of breast implants are placed under the chest muscles and the lower part of breast implants are placed above the chest muscles. This technique combines the advantages of various techniques together with an injection of muscle relaxants to make breast shape look naturally beautiful, with a closer gap between breasts and less recovery time than ever.