Medical Travel


With the COVID-19 vaccination situation in Thailand, the Department of Disease Control is trying to distribute the vaccines to all people living in Thailand both Thais and foreigners which will cover 70 percent of the population by the end of 2021.

However, due to the limited number of vaccines, persons at high risk of infection or persons with pre-existing severe diseases are prioritized to get vaccinated. Nonetheless, the Thai government's vaccine allocation plan may change at any time depending on the situation.

Reference :

Certificate of Vaccination issued by a goverment authority.

Medical Travel Guide : Pre-arrival 

During of the Covid-19 pandemic, Thai authorities set restrictions on entry into the country, including a quarantine upon arrival. To make your travel as safe as possible, we have provided and imposed several additional precautions to safeguard you against COVID-19.


International Coordination Center 

Our International Coordination Center is an exclusive and complementary service that aims to give international patients with simplified access and personalised cultural assistance since the arrival in Thailand and enter the State Quarantine. Whether to discuss accommodation, travel arrangements or simply enjoy a bit of company, our international coordinators will ensure that every patient will receive the best and relaxing experience at Nida Esth’ medical center which has been international certified by the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, ISAPS and Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons of Thailand.


International Coordination Service Include 

  • Complimentary interpretation services for English, Japanese, Chinese and Filipino.
  • Arrange for transfer to an Alternative Hospital Quarantine.
  • Assistance with hotel reservations and travel planning.
  • Catering of special diets, including Thai street food, Asian, Western or Muslim food.
  • Arrange and organise co-services with other hospitals and clinics.
  • Coordinate with embassies and international organisations.
  • International and local evacuation by professional Medical Evacuation Team.



Our International Coordination Team provides document services for your arrival.
Required documents

  1. Medical Certificate: A medical certificate is a written statement from a physician which is issued for a variety of reasons including certification of a patient’s illness, certification of a customer fitness, or certification of a patient’s recovery from a medical condition.
  2. Fit to fly Certificate: Some airlines require a medical letter/certificate confirming that the patient’s medical condition is currently stable and suitable to travel.
  3. Medical Records: Medical records are information concerning a patient’s health care such as recent doctor visits, discharge summaries, medications, allergies, and lab results
  4. Insurance reimbursement papers: Such as the medical certificate, medical records, and receipts along with the detailed information.
  5. 5.Must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 with a vaccine registered with the Food and Drug Administration of Thailand (FDA), or approved by World Health Organization (WHO) or Ministry of Public Health of Thailand no less than 14 days before departure. Travellers must show Certificate of Vaccination issued by a goverment authority.


Check your passport:
Your passport needs to be valid at least 6 months before travelling date.

  1. Purchase travel insurance to make your vacation more pleasurable and to protect you from unexpected events such as flights cancellation, delayed flights, lost baggage, emergency on board, theft, and so on. Make sure the insurance you choose covers any particular medical requirements you may have while traveling.
  2. Financial matters: Plan how you will finance your medical payment for your treatment, such as cash, Credit card or Traveller's Cheque, and make sure you have additional cash in the local currency. Before going abroad, notify your bank and your credit card companies of your medical travel, to prevent banks from treating the transaction as suspicious and restricting your account.
  3. Keep important medical documents with you: Keep all of your medications in your hand luggage. Copies of any tests, x-rays, CT scan or any imaging diagnosis outcomes, your blood test or medical histories relating to your medical problem. A medical summary is very helpful to pack in case of any emergency during your travels.
  4. Check the weather forecast of your destination.
  5. Check if it is necessary for you to get certain vaccinations.
  6. Once you have purchased your flight tickets, make sure you have sent the itinerary to those will pick you up from the airport.
  7. Required documents.
  8. Ensure that you have contact details of your healthcare provider, your assistance or your transport provider.
  9. Copies of your passport and immunization records is required, keep them in a separate location. In case of lost passports, it is much easier to get a replacement of your passport if you have a copy.

Country Risk

See the country risk analysis provided by Coface.


What should I take with myself?

  1. Mobile phone with a charger. During your stay in Thailand, you will need to purchase a Thai SIM card in order to download and register the COSTE daily monitoring and tracking program.
  2. Personal documents such as ID card, passport and visa.
  3. Credit/debit card and some additional cash in the correct local currency.
  4. If you have any daily medications, keep them in their original packaging. Also any type of information regarding any chronic diseases that you may have.
  5. Medical records, including current diagnosis, films (X-ray, MRI, CT scan, ultrasound), biopsy results and your contact information.
  6. Items for entertainment purposes during your medical travel trip; for example, books, music players.
  7. A basic set of toiletries such as soap, shampoo, toothbrush and toothpaste, shaving kit, deodorant, sanitary napkins.
  8. A set of clothes in case of receiving physiotherapy and rehabilitation, if required after surgery; this may include a tracksuit and a pair of sneakers.
  9. Sleep essentials such as pajamas, earplugs and your favorite small pillow or blanket

How to Protect Yourself & Others from COVID-19

Recommendation for your travel by related info from Center of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

Regulations from Kingdom of Thailand for disease prevention

Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration standard (SHA)

World Health Organization (WHO) 


At the airport 

Avoid crowds and stay at least 6 feet/2 meters (about 2 arm lengths) from anyone who is not traveling with you.
Wash your hands often or use hand sanitizer (with at least 60% alcohol). (Limitation followed by each Airport’s Rules and Regulation)

Onboard Recommendation 

Wearing mask with your nose and mouth covered, strictly followed Airline seat arrangement, meal serve, and lavatory use onboard. If you required any assistance during flight do not hesitate to contact crew onboard. In case any unpredictable situation happened upon arrival ask Cabin Crew to coordinate with Passenger Service Agent at destination airport to assist you.

Gentle Reminder in Covid-19 Situation

  • Wear a mask covering over  your nose and mouth.
  • Maintain Social distancing with other at least 6 feet/2 meters (about 2 arm lengths) apart from anyone who is not your companion. 
  • Limit contact with frequently touched any object, surfaces regularly use a hand sanitiser that contains at least 60% alcohol or wash your hands afterward.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sic​​​​​​​


Guidelines and Standard Operation Procedure for
 “Meet and Greet Protocol” 
assigned staff who will pick up the patient at Quarantine Hospital to Nida Esth’


  • The staffs wearing full PPE together with Nida Esth’ Medical Center Sign 
  • The staffs first identify self and welcome patient, and do a temperature check
  • After welcoming, the staff will instructed how to behave in a duration of Medical Tourism Program also inform duration of the trip and how to do during a transport.
  • Use 70% alcohol to sanitize hands is a must prior to get into the vehicle.
  • The staff will use 70% alcohol spray to sanitize patient’s luggages
  • The staff must be sit in a vehicle at least 1 meter away from each patients including patient companions
  • The staff must be used an alcohol spray to sanitize the vehicle door handles and closed the door properly before departure
  • Scan to leave your transportation service feedback please be assured that all answers will be strictly confidential


Thailand Covid-19 Situation Reports

Protocols for the Quarantine in the hospital (AHQ)

  1. You (and your companion) will be subject to the quarantine process at the alliance hospital from the day of arrival into the kingdom of Thailand for at least 14 days.
  2. You will be allowed to leave the room for the medical investigations and medical/dental procedures throughout the quarantine period.
  3. Fever and Respiratory tract symptoms will be monitored on a daily basis. The RT-PCR test for Covid 19 will be performed 3 times ( Day 0, Day 5, and Day 14)
  4. If the result is positive (Covid19 detected) at any time, the treatment can commence right after the test and you will be cared for in the hospital under your own expense. (Under the insurance coverage, conditions may apply)


Recommended Alternative Quarantine by Nida Esth'

Nida Esth’ medical center has coordinated with high-quality luxury hospitals and hotels close to the clinic and the BTS Sky train station. In addition, special rates are available for Nida Esth’ Medical Center customers only.


AHQ (Alternative Hospital Quarantine)

Bumrungrad International Hospital

Address: 33 Sukhumvit 3 (Soi Nana Nua), Wattana, Bangkok 10110

Tel: +66 2 066 8888


Samitivej Sukhumvit

Address: 133 Sukhumvit 49, Klongtan Nua, Vadhana, Bangkok 10110

Tel: +66 2 022 2222


Phyathai 2 Hospital

Address: 943 Phahonyothin Rd, Khwaeng Samsen Nai, Khet Phaya Thai, Bangkok 10400

Tel: +66 2 271 6700


ASQ (Alternative State Quarantine)

The Salil Hotel Sukhumvit 57

Address: 24 Soi Sukhumvit 57 Klong Ton Nua, Wattana, Bangkok 10110

Tel: +66 2 072 2882


Ibis Styles Bangkok Sukhumvit 50

Address: 2026/11 Soi Sukumvit 50, Prakanong, Klong T, Bangkok 10110


  1. If you do not fly back to your home country after discharging from the clinic within 72 hours, you need to repeat the Covid-19 test at the same hospital that you stayed for quarantine (AHQ).
  2. The clinic or AHQ will prepare a “Fit to fly specifically to Covid-19” certificate if the result is negative ( Undetected).
  3. Our clinic staff will contact you via email or whatsapp for following up about the Covid-19 test and symptoms after you arrived at your home for 21 days.


Safe and clean transportation

To ensure the customer and companions’ safety Nida Esth’ medical center has enhanced the preventive measures by applying the disinfectant solution in every area of the shuttle before and after use.

Meet and greet protocols

Recommended Taxi services 

For your most satisfice experience, we alliance to “CABB” the most luxury taxi company in Thailand.




Certified Tourist Attraction By Amazing Thailand Safety & Health Administration (SHA)
“ SHA provides sanitation and safety standards for tourists ”Aim to make tourism a part of Thailand’s disease prevention measures and ensure that both Thai and foreign tourists have a positive experience, that they are happy and confident in the sanitation and safety standards of Thailand’s tourism products and services.

Lists of SHA hotels, accommodation and Homestay


Recommended hotels by Nida Esth’

Nida Esth’ medical center has coordinated with high-quality luxury hotels near the clinic and the BTS Sky train station. In addition, special rates are available for Nida Esth’ Medical Center customers only.

Centara Grand & Bangkok Convention Centre at Central World

Address: 999/99 Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330

Tel: +66 2 100 1234




Oakwood Suites Bangkok 

Address: 20 Sukhumvit 24 Alley, Khlong Tan, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

Tel: +66 2 059 2888

Website: ​​​​​​​



Somerset Maison Asoke Bangkok

Address: 84 Sukhumvit 23 (Prasanmitr), Klongtoey- Nua, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

Tel: +66 2 302 1999




​​​​​​​Siam Kempinski Hotel Bangkok

Address: 991/9 Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330

Tel: +66 2 162 9000




The Senizens 

Address: 448 Tower Sn1 38 Bang Waek Rd, Bang Waek, Phasi Charoen, Bangkok 10160

Tel: +66 84 264 2662



We are committed to providing you with a safe environment that aligns with expert protocols for working to defeat COVID-19.

  1. Body temperature checks are conducted at the entry door.
  2. All clients are asked to fill a Covid-19 screening questionnaire.
  3. Hand sanitizer is available adequately at the clinic lobby, public, and meeting areas.
  4. We clean public spaces regularly and contact surfaces at least every 2 hours e.g. doorknob, elevator handrail.
  5. E-billing and mobile banking payment is available to reduce human-to-human contact.
  6. 5 meters of social distancing measures are applied for each client.
  7. Clinic staffs are trained to wash hands regularly and use the disinfectants safely and correctly.
  8. Clinic staffs wear personal protective equipment (PPE) e.g. gloves, face masks, Face shield.
  9. All exam rooms and treatment rooms are disinfected by a UVC machine and Ozone generator immediately after used for each client.
  10. Provide good ventilation and have efficient air purifiers in the pubic area and each room.
  11. Limit the number of clients to an appropriate proportion to prevent transmission.
  12. We use disinfectant products that have been approved by the Thai FDA.








Medical tourism refers to international travel for the purpose of receiving medical care. Many patients engage in medical tourism because the procedures they seek can be performed in other countries at relatively low cost. In addition, some patients travel to specific destinations to undergo procedures that are not available in their home country

Why is Thailand the best place for medical tourism?

Thailand is able to dominate medical tourism thanks to its competitive low cost of medical care, high quality treatment and its well-established tourism industry. There are over 1,000 hospitals in Thailand, of which over 470 are private facilities.

Medication tourism at Nida Esth’ Clinic

We would like to keep our patients healthy both for mental and physical state with international medical management knowledge and attentive customer service along with the uniqueness of Thai; the service model that creates value and benefits basing on customer satisfaction, and also get a reasonable price comes with service quality

We strive to provide our customers the best quality care for their physical and mental wellbeing through international medical standards and attentive customer service while experiencing the uniqueness of Thai culture; the service model that creates value and benefits based on customer satisfaction, and quality services at a reasonable price.

Certified Tourist Attraction

Certified Tourist Attraction by Amazing Thailand Safety & Healthy Administration (SHA) 
“SHA provides sanitation and safety standards for tourists” Aim to make tourism a part of Thailand’s disease prevention measures and ensure that both Thai and foreign tourists have a positive experience, that they are happy and confident in the sanitation and safety standards of Thailand’s tourism products and services. >>​​​​​​​

Travelers around the world are now keen to find out when and how they can travel to Thailand in 2021. What important things do travelers need to know about Thailand Travel Restrictions if they are planning to fly to the Land of Smiles? Here are some helpful information for you.

Travel attraction by condition and SHA certified

Department store and shopping centers


1.Siam Paragon

Address: 991 Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan Pathum Wan Bangkok 10330

Tel: +66 2 610 8000




2.Central Word

Address: 4,4/1-4/2,4/4 Rajdamri Rd. Pathum Wan Pathum Wan Bangkok 10330

Tel: +66 2 640 7000




3.Icon Siam

Address: 299 ICONSIAM Charoennakorn Road, Khlong Ton Sai Khlong San Bangkok 10600

Tel:+66 2 495 7000




4.The Emporium

Address:622 Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Tan Khlong Toei Bangkok 10110

Tel:+66 2 269 1000




5.The Emquartier

Address:693,695 Sukhumvit Road, Khlong Tan Nuea Vadhana Bangkok 10110

Tel: +66 2 269 1000



Recreational activity and tourist attraction


1.Metro forest learning center

Address: Address: 81 Sukhaphiban 2 Road Prawet Prawet Bangkok 10250

Tel: +66 2 136 6380




2. Mahanakhon Skywalk 

Address: Mahanakhon Skywalk Si Lom Bang Rak Bangkok 10500

Tel: +66 2 667 8721




3.Phuket Thaihua Museum

Address: 28 Krabi Road Talat Nuea Mueang Phuket Phuket 83000

Tel:+66 76 211 224




4.Araksa Teahouse by Asian oasis

Address: 75 Moo 1 Ban Chang Mae Taeng Chiang Mai 50150

Tel:+66 97 286 1230




5.Talu island. “Thungmaha bay -Community life travel”

Address: 51/4 Moo 1 Ban Thungmaha Pak Khlong Pathio Chumphon 86210

Tel: +66 96 161 8942