Skin Vaccine Program

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Try the new experience of being younger with your new skin 
…your new future… by Skin Vaccine

General health can be protected by vaccine.

Your skin health can be too.

Why wait?

Let’s rejuvenate your skin in cellular level by Nida’s Skin Vaccine

* Everyone wants to have a young & healthy skin conditions…
* Everyone wants to look younger than his/her real age…
* Surgery may be answers of many
* Please try the new experience of being younger with your new skin…..your new future.
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Cutting-edged innovation in cellular therapy for human youth & beauty.


…..3 Skin Vaccines will be answers….
Of all your Skin & Beauty concerns at Nida

  1. Hemo - Cellular Vaccine
  2. Adipo – Cellular Vaccine
  3. Nano - Cellular Vaccine

I. Hemo – Cellular Vaccine

  • Purified skin vaccine with highest efficacy & safety to maintain your eternal youth.
  • Freshly extracted from your own blood & ready for use within 1 hour.
  • Enriched by hundreds kinds of stem cell growth factors including Hemo-Stem Cells & progenitor cells which plays important roles in skin & body rejuvenation.

Steps of Hemo – Cellular Vaccine Production

Step I : Small amount of blood will be collected in special tubes.

Step II : Your blood will be centrifuged in a specific parameter to receive high concentratedHemo- Stem Cell, Progenitor cells & Platelet- rich.

Step III : The extracted fluid will be activated to make your inactive cells become active skin vaccine.

Step IV : Activated Hemo-Cellular vaccine will be injected to your skin followed by Photo bio stimulation to increase efficacy.
Best For :

  • Anti-Aging
  • Overall skin rejuvenation
  • De-wrinkles
  • Skin tightening & increase skin elasticity.

II. Adipo – Cellular Vaccine

  • Special biological molecules in freeze crystal complex.
  • Extracted at -4 degree Celsius & ready to be used.
  • Created by advanced Bio- engineering technology.
  • Composed of numerous valuable molecules which can help you turn back your clock ex: hundreds of stem cell growth factors & biological peptides.
  • High-concentrated, purified and free from contamination.

Steps of Adipo – Cellular Vaccine Production

Step 1 : Adipose-derived Stem cells are kept & cultured in Stem Cell Bank.

Step 2 : Those cells will be sub- cultured in specific temperature & environment with specially formulated nutrition to make the cells secrete the stem cell proteins, growth factors & cytokines which are essential for cellular rejuvenation.

Step 3 : The valuable molecules from stem cells will be extracted by advanced technology at -4 degree Celsius to preserve its biological viability.

Best For :

  • Dull & photo damaged skin
  • Freckles, Melasma, Dark Spots
  • Skin roughness
  • Anyone who needs skin brightening effect.

III. Nano – Cellular Vaccine

  • Very famous in Switzerland since 40 years ago, when Swiss doctors successfully used it to treat an 8 year old girl who suffered from hypertrophic scar (on face & neck) after the gasoline explosion with dramatic results.
  • Since then, Nano- Cellular Skin Vaccine has been developed to treat other conditions like burn wounds in both Germany & Switzerland.

Special Advantages of Nano- Cellular Skin Vaccine

  • It is an organ-specific preparation which is purified & highly potent, extracted from rabbit stem cells.
  • More than 30 generations of the rabbits which are source of stem cells have been raised in closed system, specific nutrition & environment since 1973 under restricted standard of US FDA, WHO & AAALAC International guideline to make sure that the vaccine are safe & free from any contamination.
  • Extracted by the most advanced technology, “Eco- Ultra Filtrate Technique”which only less than 3 nm molecules will be selected as ingredients of Nano- Cellular vaccine.
  • Free of nay Proteins.
  • Free from any viral contamination.
  • No immune reaction.

Best For :

  • Dull and aged skin
  • Unnourished skin
  • Photo damaged skin : melasma, freckles, dark spots
  • Wrinkles
  • Skin laxity
  • Stretch mark
  • Early-stage of scars