Hip Liposuction by Slim Melt

Nida Esthetic Cosmetic Surgery Bangkok

Hip liposuction by Slim Melt is a procedure that suctions excess fat accumulated in both sides of hip for more tight results. Hip liposuction by Slim Melt cause no bruise afterwards, even in sensitive areas because it utilizes a 0.3 mm. flexible fiber optic tip designed for suctioning fat. Therefore, it is a technology that does not hurt other tissues and nervous cells, resulting in confidence of safety throughout the process.  

Factors that cause hips

  • Too excessive accumulated fat under skin
  • Sagging skin of waist and hips

Who are Suitable for Hip Liposuction by Slim Melt  

  • Who has hips that are unproportional with a body
  • Accumulated fat in both sides of hips that cannot go away with exercising
  • Who would like to adjust a body to be more in shape

Advantages of Hip Liposuction by Slim Melt

  • Tighten skin after the procedure
  • No misshaped hips after the procedure
  • No bruise after the procedure
  • Immediate visible result after the procedure 

Facts before Hip Liposuction by Slim Melt

  • Acknowledgement of risks of complications 
  • No vitamin consumption of some sorts 
  • Areas of liposuction 
  • Inform all allergy to a plastic surgeon and nurses 

Evaluation before Hip Liposuction by Slim Melt

  • An amount of hips’ fat
  • Skin conditions and skin elasticity 

Preparation before Hip Liposuction by Slim Melt

  • Facts before the procedure
  • Post-operation care and follow-ups
  • No vitamin and medicines of some sorts 
  • No smoking and drinking alcohols 

Recovery and post-operation care of hip liposuction by Slim Melt

  • Generally, except for post-operation care and instructions of a surgeon, after hip liposuction by Slim Melt, there is no need for recovery period because there is no bruise and swollen or even complication afterwards. 

Surgery package

  • Professional fees (surgeons, anesthesiologist, nurses)
  • OR room charges 
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Preoperative routine laboratory tests
  • Pre op medicines, anesthesia, medical gas
  • Post op care
  •  Mobile SIM card