Steps of Hair Consultation

Approximately 45-60 mins


1. Registration

  • Taking medical history
  • Usual Medication and Allergies 
  • Hair Loss History 
  • Hair Loss Profile
  • Previous Treatment

2. Nano Score Robotic System

“A high quality hair analysis system that digitally measure and analyze all essential parameters of hair loss and hair growth with accuracy.”

  • Hair Density 
  • Hair thickness Percentage 
  • Follicular Units Percentage
  • Hair Loss Staging

3. Face-to-face Consultation with the Hair Expert Doctors

  • Hair Assessment
  • Hair Evaluation with the Nano Score Robotic System Result
  • B/A Nano Score Robotic System Reports/Results
  • B/A Photos
  • Ur Cell Animation of the Procedures  
  • Doctor’s Diagnosis and Recommendations for Treatment Programs