A biker’s bright face

A biker’s bright face

For biker’s ways of life, it seems impossible to avoid sunlight and air pollutions, finally resulting in pigmentation and blemishes. Surajed is now facing those problems and in need of solutions because it also affects his career. 

“At first, I didn’t care about pigmentation or blemishes on my face. But, there was a time when I went to see my client and he asked why my face looked so tiring. When I got back home, I looked in a mirror and my client was right. So, I asked for my girlfriend’s advice. Luckily, my girlfriend had her facial skin taken care of by Dr. Sunida so she took me to Nida Esth’ to get some treatments. And, the results were miraculous.


Word of mouth that gains a lot of patients’ trusts at Nida Esth’ changes the biker’s mind to get appropriate treatments before it is too late. With the satisfying result, every business meeting gets a lot more smoothly.


“It is a personal belief but, honestly, I feel that my business meeting or negotiation get better and easier. I really do believe that bright future can be brought by a bright face.”

From an exhausting face to a bright handsome face, it makes his life easier as well as his business and he passes on his satisfaction to his peers. Also, Surajed wants to tell other guys who don’t have the guts to make a consultation with a professional dermatologist that don’t be afraid. Right now, more and more men start to take care of their facial skin. Don’t wait and don’t be embarrassed so that you could get a bright handsome face for your girl.