I was totally impressed with the outcome and the professionalism of the doctor and a nurse team at Nida Esth'

I was totally impressed with the outcome and the professionalism of the doctor and a nurse team at Nida Esth'
Khun Phat

"Nowadays, I’ve been working as an engineer in the southern region of Thailand for almost 10 years. It is a profession that requires the use of engineer caps for protection and safety at all time. Unfortunately, it causes the scalp to become damp until my hair becomes thinner. So, now, I’ve been looking for ways to regrow my lost hair but most of the treatments I found are surgical. I feel uncertain because I have to work every single day, going to construction sites and meeting with customers. But, then, I found a method which is the non-surgical hair transplantation at Nida Esth’. So, I rush to go for a consultation before my problem becomes even worst."

For my problem, there were still some amounts of hair on the front part but clearly in the middle was so severe that others can obviously see my scalp. At first, I felt that my concern was temporary but after a long period of time, some friends started to tell me that my hair was thin which made me feel very insecure. Then, I started to do some researches. In fact, I found many methods of hair transplantations but most of them required me to undergo surgery which, due to my career, I couldn't take a one-or-two-week break. So, I had to pause my treatment project. Luckily, my colleague in Bangkok who once was treated with the non-surgical hair transplantation called UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant Plus +, which took only 4-5 months to see the incredible result, told me about it. As soon as I knew, I didn't hesitate to call to make an appointment to consult with a doctor.

On that day, there was a hair follicle scan at the cellular level which I was really surprised because other places I had consulted with were mostly just a talk with a doctor and didn't perform these kinds of scientific check-ups on my hair. The results of the examination came out to be quite shocking for I didn't think it was really that bad. After that, the doctor explained about the treatment process which required some steps such as the implantation, the cell nursing continuously for at least 2 weeks, etc. but as I worked in the south, I might have to travel to Bangkok more often. But then, the doctor informed me about a package for those who did not have time to visit the clinic which involved 4-month concentrated herbal products from Japan to accelerate the growth of hair follicle cells and nourish the hair; however, we should strictly follow the advice of the doctor. I decided to go for it on that day because I've been intending to treat my hair problem and the UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant Plus + could be the answer.

After 4 months of Hair Micro Transplant and the continuous use the products as recommended by the doctor, honestly, my life has changed. People said that my hair was thicker and I looked a lot younger than before. I knew that my concern areas looked better in both the front and the middle parts. From time to time, the doctor made an appointment to follow up again and went through the examination process after treatment to compare both results. The percentage of hair per 1 square meter became much thicker than pre-treatment. I was totally impressed with the outcome and the professionalism of the doctor and a nurse team at Nida Esth'.