“Hair” changes, “life” changes too

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“Hair” changes, “life” changes too

The less hair we have, the less confident we are. So, how do we prevent or stop hair problems and regain our healthy hair. Lots of patients who made a consultation with us reveal that their hair problems are solved and their life actually gets better.  

On one hand, hair can ruin someone’s life. On the other hand, it gives opportunities to some as well. These recent days, people are focusing more on physical appearances; consequently, taking good care of hair gives us a number of benefits. 

“Main reasons of hair problems including hair loss and baldness are hormone instability and heredity. The hair problems cause less confidence and various troubles in our lives” said Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri, a surgeon and director of Nida Esth’ Medical Centre.

It is difficult to solve hair problems caused by hormonal imbalance and heredity but it is not impossible since we have already found technology called UR Cell Hair MicroTransplant to solve “hair problems such as hair loss, thin hair and baldness” with no medication, surgery and risk of having Erectile Dysfunction. More importantly, by using UR Cell Hair MicroTransplant, it directly resolves the problems at its cellular level.

Start with “harvesting” healthy hair roots that are not affected by the hormonal abnormality and heredity with a 2 mm tool for a hair biopsy. Then, “extract” hair root cells that are still viable through a process called “Live Cells Activation” to “transplant” them in affected areas; the process is so called “Auto Transplant” which includes stem cells of patients and healthy cell transplantation to repair hair roots in “Cells Repair Cells” process to grow healthy and natural hair.  

Since hair is not just an ordinary part of our body, it changes our life to be better. As a result, let’s grow “hair” for a better “life”. 

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