18 Years of Expertise of “Beautification”

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For more than a decade of expertise of a surgeon, Nida Esth’ has been providing a medical team, the best hospitality, aesthetic medical technology and cosmetic surgeries such as eyelid surgery, nose augmentation, breast augmentation and SRS that are well-known among experts in a surgical field both in Thailand and other countries.

Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri, a surgeon with a certificate obtained from the Board of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery of Thailand, has been gaining surgical expertise from both in Thailand and foreign countries for more than 18 years. “Since I am a surgeon; therefore, lots of patients came with different types of problems and desires. In the past, patients just wanted to correct their flaws but, these days, their aim is for better physical appearances. However, it is surprising that many patients of these days are concerned more about hair problems which, after an analysis, we found these problems are mainly caused by hormone instability and heredity which are difficult to cure. 

A highly advanced innovation of “hair transplantation” with a process called “Cells Repair Cells” combines with a special care from a professional medical team. A combination of medical researches and a variety of technology, especially a cell repair system from your own stem cells, creates astonishing and incredible results that have been mentioned by a number of U.S. and European medical professions. “UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant”, the innovation, which resolves hair problems such as hair loss and thin hair from hormonal imbalance and heredity, gives a different result from old traditional technology. 

Mainly, more than 80% causes of hair problems are hormone abnormalities and heredity called Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA), weakening hair cells and preventing Testosterone replication, that later cause hair loss, thin hair or even baldness on a forehead and the center of an individual’s head. Hair loss and thin hair create older looks and less self-confidence.

In a treatment process, Dr. Piya will utilize Nano Score Robotic System to analyze the severity of hair problems in each individual by finding a ratio of unhealthy hair roots and comparing them with viable ones to determine the procedure of a treatment that will suit each patient the most. 

Then, start with “harvesting” healthy hair roots and “extracting” approximately 320,000 hair root cells that are still viable through a process called “Live Cells Activation” to “transplant” them in affected areas. After that, there will be a nourishing program taken care by a doctor so that the results will be natural and healthy which satisfy all patients. The benefit of this innovation is that there is no need for medication and surgery. Moreover, it doesn’t only help increase a number of hair but also reduce hair fall as well. 

Let’s experience the “hair transplantation” innovation with no risk, medication and surgery, giving a fulfilling result by the professional surgeon who has been fully trusted for more than 18 years. 

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