Alter Saggy-Breasted Mothers to be the Perfect

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Alter Saggy-Breasted Mothers to be the Perfect

Create appealing breast for a newly mom

  • Natural Results
  • Safety Standards 
  • Finished in only one Treatment
  • Within Estimated Budgets

Definitely, all newly moms have to face “saggy breast problems” after giving birth to their beloved baby. The reason is that, during a pregnancy, used-to-be-tight-and-smooth skin turns into sagging one, especially breast that expands tremendously for 9 months. Consequently, we, as moms, should not ignore the problem when there is a solution that ends all problems once and for all with only one treatment, not over budget and giving natural results. Don’t miss the opportunity, if you start to be intrigued. 

“Brest augmentation is actually a surgical technique that helps correct physical appearances and a body figure. During a pregnancy and breastfeeding, breast tissues usually enlarge but after that there will be shrinkage of those tissues, leaving only the unavoidable saggy breast problem that cannot be easily solved by workouts. The best solution, therefore, is surely the breast surgery that will regain self-confidence to all newly mothers” said Dr.Piya Rungruxsiri, a surgeon and a director of Nida Esth’ Medical Centre with a certificate from Board of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery of Thailand and more-than-18-year surgical expertise.

Brest surgery is considered as a correction for appearances of each individual so techniques used are various for different patients, depending on breast shapes, degrees of sagginess, skin conditions and skin elasticity. The surgeon will do a breast analysis for each patient to know which methods will be use to correct by evaluating breast structure, breast elasticity and a severity in order to transform sagginess into youthfulness. 

Moreover, Nida Esth’ considers safety as the most important in every procedure offered. With anesthesiologist and nurse teams who specialize in a World Standard Operative Room. Nida Esth’ Medical Centre becomes a medical center that gains a full trust and confidence of a number of Thais and foreigners in skin treatments and cosmetic surgeries to correct imperfections for more than 18 years.


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