Body Design by Slim Melt

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Body Design by Slim Melt
“Liquefy fat” without surgery by using “a 0.3 mm laser tip”
Turn a chunk of fat into oil, regaining a smooth and tight body

Let’s experience a new stage of “a liposuction technique” that liquefies and suctions fat with the 0.3 laser tip through a Fiber Optic, penetrating under your skin to directly and effectively melt excess fat. It is certified by USFDA for its safety as well as U.S. hospitals’ standard. More importantly, there is no need at all for surgery, long-term recovery and bruise. Furthermore, you can notice an immediate result from the very first treatment and have a normal life after that.

If you have a big waist, thighs and saggy arms, it is very usual since excess fat is huge troubles to all women for such a long time. Some try old traditional liposuction techniques but they eventually causes saggy and rough skin from heat which creates fascia under skin, leaving unpleasant bruises and requiring a long-term recovery with large incision sites. These risks are inevitable for anyone who has a desire of a perfect body figure.

Slim Melt, the best technology of liposuction at Nida Esth’, combines with surgeon’s professional expertise and highly technological medical engineering, bringing a 0.3 mm tiny laser tip that directly “turns fat” into “oil” through the 0.3 mm Fiber Optic that is so flexible that it can penetrate between fat layers to suction fat without affecting other tissues and internal organs. As a result, the suctioned fat will not be mixed with blood since it causes no bruise and pain after a treatment. Also, the result is visible at the very first time of a treatment.

Slim Melt is able to eradicate excess fat in every part of a body which includes an abdominal surface, a waist, hips, thighs, knees, buttocks, arms or even a double chin. Therefore, there is no need to be concerned about sagginess from old traditional liposuction techniques since Slim Melt helps enhance rapid collagen growth stimulation under skin. So, it does not only get rid of excess fat but also gives you the perfectly smoothest skin ever; no need to be worried about anything; “no surgery, no long-term recovery and no sagginess”

Let’s experience “a 0.3 mm laser liposuction tip” that will alter your body figure to be perfectly in shape with Nida Esth’ Medical Centre, where provides a number of modern technology, expertise of medical experts and the best services. The medical center is internationally well-known in its cosmetic surgeries, skin care treatments and liposuction techniques for more than 18 years. Be impressed with our best hospitality and delightful results you have never seen before. 


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