Discover the secrets of perfect skin with 3D Advance Skin Rejuvenation Rejuvenate in every dimension of our skin

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Discover the secrets of perfect skin with
3D Advance Skin Rejuvenation
Rejuvenate in every dimension of our skin 

“Perfect skin with no blemish or pigmentation” is all everyone ever wants, especially for those who are at the age of 40s since they have been through lots of stresses, pollutions, chemicals, gravity and especially “UV light”, a main factor that creates “blemishes, pigmentation and sagginess” which are considered as signs of aging. Once it happens, it becomes very difficult and challenging to cure.  

“As we age, we develop a lot of skin problems, especially at the age of 40s. The most popular problems that concern our patients the most are pigmentation, melasma and blemishes. And, the second most popular ones are wrinkles and pores. Finally, the last patients’ concern is sagginess. I believe that every skin problem can be solved with 3D Advance Skin Rejuvenation” said Dr. Sunida Yuthayothin, a highly experienced dermatologist. 

With advanced medical technology, it creates an innovation that can cure all skin problems with better results. “Combining both medical knowledges and expertise”, the dermatologist, Dr. Sunida, can get rid of these unpleasant problems once and for all. Nida Esth’ Medical Center, equipped with all kinds of up-to-dated technology, would like to present you 3D Advance Skin Rejuvenation to Rejuvenate every dimension of our skin

3D Advance Skin Rejuvenation is certified by FDA of the United States that it is the best innovation in the globe right now that offers 3 types of laser technologies that can solve all skin problems including sagginess and blemishes.  

  • The first dimension is to rejuvenate damaged skin with Lime Light laser technology, which is approximately 520-1200-nanometer-wide waves, to eliminate melanin under our skin and brighten it at the same time.
  • The second dimension is to repair enhance collagen growth with Laser Genesis which is approximately up-to-1,064-nanometer-wide waves. It is developed for patients with sagginess and pore problems, to smoothen skin and lessen wrinkles on our face.
  • The third dimension is to tighten our face without surgical procedures. This process is the key to tighten our skin with Titan Infrared which is approximately 1,100-1,800-nanometer-wide waves. A dermatologist will be in charge of the whole process, design a face shape and specify where should be treated with Titan Infrared which will result in a youthful face.

At Nida Esth’ Medical Centre, we have been unceasingly developing our technology. With an experienced dermatologist team, board-certified surgeons and nurses, Nida Esth’ Medical Centre becomes an aesthetic center that has been well-known and trusted by both locals and internationals for more than 18 years  

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