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3 easy steps to replenish radiant skin

As we grow old, our skin’s ability to build new cells decreases, that being said the skin cell development degenerates. In normal state or younger people, the skin redevelops in 14-20 days. It means that the peeling of old dry waste skin changes into a new one twice a month.

That will make their skin look refined and smoother than older people. The aged ones could peel off old dead skin for more than a month. In some cases, even young people have the problem of skin regeneration. Their cells might not as active as the other, due to hereditary factor or life style, such as poor diet, no vitamins intake, exposure to chemicals and the like. These can also affect our skin health.

The Hydrafacial is built to all skin types- asian skin, black/dark skin and Caucasian skin. It targets hyperpigmentation, oily skin, congested/clogged pores and fine lines. It has solutions added in every step:

1st step would be the Cleansing. This procedure is combined with a special solution that cleanses your clogged pores which you cannot remove with normal facial wash, these clogged pores creates comedones or blackheads and even acne pimples. In this method the pores will be able to clean up and all the dirt that resides will be washed away.

2nd is the Peeling and Exfoliation. This step will induce a solution that peels of the dead skin that remains on your face. The dead skin makes our face looks dull and flaking dry. Dry face will make skin easily wrinkled and losses nutrition. This procedure will make the skin brighter and smoother.

3rd step is Nourishing: after cleaning the pores and peeling off the barrier of dead skin, now is the time to administer the solution for nourishing your skin cells.

The special solution will penetrate to the melanin and reduce its formation; in this case your pigmentation will lessen its production. Also a balance of moisturizing effect, it will reduce the production of oil glands because the cells are already hydrated, so the body does not need to produce oil. We need to hydrate our cells as our protection to heat exposure and pollutions, more to that we will defy from occurring wrinkles and dull skin. In total, HydraFacial is one of the best ways to treat unhealthy skin, maintain refinement, and prevent poor skin.

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