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“Growth Factor Younger”

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PicoSure F.L.A.


Changes to Rejuvenated Smooth and Bright Skin

With technology that changes skin in its cellular level

✓ Rejuvenated ✓ No Injection ✓ No Surgery 


Youth & Beauty 

from cellular  level

Stem Cell . . . Beauty Secret of Celebrity


The secret of youth of Stem Cell is born when Dr. Paul Niehans – a well-known doctor from Switzerland – who utilized Cell Therapy in patients and started for esthetic purposes since 1931 and, after that Stem Cell is known for “The Fountain of Youth” until these days.

Unlock the secret of stem cell

The wish of possessing a youthful facial skin is not difficult at all once the secret of youth from Stem Cell is discovered. The discovery is about Cellular Biology and the theory Cell signalling which are the essence of the secret to the natural youthfulness from Stem Cell that will be more advanced when combined with the technology called “Cell - heal – Cell” to create natural beauty and youth. 

What is Cell Signalling?
Cell signalling is a biological communication which its mechanism connects  between Stem Cell and other cells. Normally, young & Active Stem cell will send a signal called Bio-Peptide Molecule to stimulate the reaction – Cell heal Cell – which is the beginning of Skin Transformation Process that would return the natural youthful skin to all of us.  

The photos of how Cell Signalling works

How Skin Cells Work When We Are Young


How Skin Cells Work When We Get Older

“Tell your skin to become younger again”

“Growth Factor Younger” Program 
By PicoSure F.L.A.

What is “Growth Factor Younger” Program by PicoSure F.L.A.? 
Growth Factor Younger
 is a program that includes the advantages of  Laser science & Stem Cell Science together to change skin conditions to be more youthful, brighter and smoother in its cellular level to create a result of rejuvenated, bright and smooth facial skin without the use of pain, surgery and injection. 

Dual Science

When Laser Science meets cellular therapy.
How “Growth Factor Younger” rejuvenate our skin?

How “Growth Factor Younger” Program By Picosure F.L.A .works?
Pressure Wave > Liobs → activate Skin Stem Cell → Turn back your clock
Dual Action : Double youth skin X2 with Bio Peptide Therapy 

What is PicoSure F.L.A.?
PicoSure F.L0A
is a technology from the United States that is able to rejuvenate and change the skin to be younger, brighter and smoother in its cellular level without the use of pain, surgery and injection.
Pressure wave® Energy is copyrighted by PicoSure F.L.A. with the result that is capable of changing the skin to be younger, brighter and smoother in its cellular level

“Growth Factor Younger” Program
Picosure F.L.A.
The Advanced Technology that Combines Both
Laser science  & Stem cell science

The differences of “Growth Factor Younger” By Picosure F.L.A.
Picosure F.L.A.
is truely a technology developed to totally change the whole medical history of aesthetic laser with the special energy copyrighted by Pressure Wave® Energy that combines the art of skin rejuvenation with Bio-Peptide Therapy that finally increases the efficiency of Cell signaling for its perfect and long-lasting results

The differences of Picosure F.L.A.

  • The laser waves that are 755 nm / 532 nm
  • Pressure wave® changes Melanin into very tiny particles and the body will get rid of these particles easily to end all the problems of stubborn melasma and freckles
  • The reaction called LIOBs that creates Cell signaling stimulates Stem Cell under the skin, resulting in the younger skin
  • It does not create heat under the skin unlike other laser technologies so there is no risk of burnt skin
  • The result of one treatment is equal to 3-4 treatments of other laser technologies
  • Resolve skin problems in its cellular leve

Focus Lens Array


Bio-Peptide Therapy: the art of rejuvenation from inside
Bio-Peptide Therapy
is the art of skin cell rejuvenation to return younger skin by the use of Stem Cell that utilizes 7 types of Bio-Peptides that are perfect for Bio-Engineered Molecule from the process of cloning synthesis of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells. The Bio-Peptide Therapy will penetrate to the essential cells under skin to stimulate them to be able to function as properly as before.

Who is suitable for “Growth Factor Younger” By Picosure F.L.A.?

  • Who wants to rejuvenate the skin without surgery and injection 
  • Skin with stubborn melasma, freckles and spots 
  • Rough skin with wrinkles
  • Aging skin

Why “Growth Factor Younger” By Picosure F.L.A. at Nida Esth’?

  • Experience

Nida Esth’ provides treatments with a specialized medical personal in laser technology who is Dr. Sunida Yuthayotin who has more than 19 years of experiences and also trusted by more than ten thousands of patients from many countries that came from words of month, mentioning about impressive apparent results.

  • Location

Nida Esth’ is designed to offer cleanliness, senses of aesthetics and luxuries for visitors’ relaxation. Also, it is located at the Heart of bangkok, resulting in a convenience to make a visit by using public transportations such as BTS or private vehicles. 

  • Medical Personals

Every Treatment is under control of medical personals including plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, and specialized dermatologist along with the professional nurse teams who are well-trained and trusted by patients both in Thailand and other countries so that all of patients can be confident with the safety during procedures.

  • Technology

Not only the medical personals that are trusted but we also offer a variety of technologies to solve all the aesthetic problems of each individual patient. No matter what the problems are, we are always ready to take care of them with the technology “Growth Factor Younger” which is the laser technology from Picosure F.L.A. that is standardized by US FDA that is safe and able to treat pigmentations, freckles and melasma while truly returning the youthful skin.

  • Post-care operations

After finishing treatments, patients will be taken care by both doctors and a nurse team to lessen the stress after treatments. Also, there will be follow-ups from our staffs from customer relation department who are always ready to answer all questions of each patient 24/7.

How many of “Growth Factor Younger”   By Picosure F.L.A. to see the obvious result?

  • Depending on each individual’s problems  

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