Slim Sure Robot

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Slim Sure Robot

a robotic innovation that melts your fat away

No surgery & No pain

Every area can be treated. Even stubborn fat which cannot be treated by other procedures.


“No pain, No surgery, No wound after a treatment”

An amount of fat evaluated by an Ultrasound scan



An amount of fat evaluated by MRI


The interview withDr.Dennis Dass, M.D., a plastic surgeon
(Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery)
(Ivanhoe Broadcast News December2015)

Interviewer: Why do you choose Slim Melt Sure?
Dr. Dass: Because it is the first kind of laser technologies that is certified that from US FDA that it is capable of melting fat into oil without any use of surgical procedures.

Interviewer: How does Slim Melt Sure work?
Dr. Dass: An applicator of Slim Melt Sure will be placed in a position where a patient would love to get rid of excess fat. Then, the laser energy will be released to directly melt away fat cells without damaging other skin cells around the treated areas.

Interviewer: Where does the melted fat go?
Dr. Dass: The melted fat is moved into our blood veins and then driven out by livers.

Interviewer: What is the difference between Slim Melt Sure and other conventional liposuction?
Dr. Dass: The result is noticeable after the treatment and it does not involve any kind of surgical procedures.

Interviewer: What is a distinctive point of Slim Melt Sure?
Dr. Dass: There is a research to confirm that it can melt more than 25 % of your fat within 25 minutes.

Interviewer: Is it painful?
Dr. Dass: Not at all.

Interviewer: Is there any chance that the melted fat would ever come back?
Dr. Dass: No, of course not.

Interviewer: After Slim Melt Sure, are exercises and healthy diet required to see an obvious result?
Dr. Dass: “Absolutely not”. Slim Melt Sure itself can help getting rid of fat from a body; however, by working out and having a good eating habit, it allows us to be even healthier.

Interviewer: Who could be a perfect match for this amazing innovation?
Dr. Dass: Every one, of course.

Interviewer: Could it be applied on both males and females?
Dr. Dass: Sure!

Interviewer: Could it be applied on every single part of our body?
Dr. Dass: Sure, it can melt fat in every part of our body.

Interviewer: How much fat would be gone in one session?
Dr. Dass: Slim Melt Sure can approximately reduce 25 % of your fat in one session.

Interviewer: How long does it take?
Dr. Dass: 25% of your fat would be gone in only 25 minutes.

*Note: the result might be different, depending on each individual.



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