Upper Arm Liposuction by Slim Melt

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Upper arm liposuction with Slim Melt is a procedure that suctions excess fat from upper arms for more tighten results. Upper arm liposuction by Slim Melt cause no bruise afterwards, even in sensitive areas because it utilizes a 0.3 mm. flexible fiber optic tip designed for suctioning fat. Therefore, it is a technology that does not hurt other tissues and nervous cells, resulting in confidence of safety throughout the process.  

Who are Suitable for Upper Arm Liposuction by Slim Melt 

  • Patients who have unproportional upper arms, compared to a body
  • Accumulated fat in upper arms that cannot go away with exercising
  • Patients who’d like to develop their postures

Advantages of Upper Arm Liposuction by Slim Melt

  • Tighten skin after the procedure
  • No misshaped arms after the procedure
  • No bruise after the procedure

Facts before Upper Arm Liposuction by Slim Melt

  • Acknowledgement of risks of complications 
  • No vitamin consumption of some sorts 
  • Areas of liposuction 
  • Inform all allergy to a plastic surgeon and nurses 

Evaluation before Upper Arm Liposuction by Slim Melt

  • An amount of upper arms’ fat
  • An amount of upper arms’ muscles 
  • Skin conditions and skin elasticity 

Preparation before Upper Arm Liposuction by Slim Melt

  • Facts before the procedure
  • Post-operation care and follow-ups
  • No vitamin and medicines of some sorts 
  • No smoking and drinking alcohols 

Recovery and post-operation care of Upper Arm Liposuction by Slim Melt

  • Generally, except for post-operation care and instructions of a surgeon, after upper arm liposuction by Slim Melt, there is no need for recovery period because there is no bruise and swollen or even complication afterwards. 

Surgery Package

  • Professional fees (surgeons, anesthesiologist, nurses)
  • OR room charges 
  • Medical equipment and supplies
  • Preoperative routine laboratory tests
  • Pre op medicines, anesthesia, medical gas
  • Post op care
  • Mobile SIM card



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