Thyroid chondroplasty

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Thyroid chondroplasty is a surgical procedure that corrects a shape of an Adam’s apple. It is very popular and well-known among transgender females. It can also help feminize voice of patients. Thyroid chondroplasty does not involve Adam’s apple removal but it only reduces the bulge of Adam’s apples.

Why Thyroid Chondroplasty at Nida Esth’?

  • The expertise of a surgeon – Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri – who has a special technique of thyroid chondroplasty and more-than-19-year experience in surgical field 
  • Anesthesiologists and nurse teams who have experiences in taking care patients and hospitalization both local and international 
  • Patients receive the best solution and the most natural result of thyroid chondroplasty

Preparation before thyroid chondroplasty

  • Consult with a plastic surgeon about anesthesia process because patients at 30 years of age can have a harder Adam’s apple which leads to difficulty in thyroid chondroplasty.
  • If patients have a problem about larynx, thyroid chondroplasty can cause negative effects. Therefore, a consultation with the plastic surgeon is highly recommended.
  • Consult with the plastic surgeon about incision areas. Normally, the incision, while looking upwards, will be 2-3 cm. above an Adam’s apple but while looking downwards, it will be hidden under neck and chin folds. If patients look downwards and still see the incision, it can be moved upwards for the most satisfying result.   

Thyroid Chondroplasty Process

  1. No Aspirin, Ibuprofen and Vitamin-E for 2 weeks before thyroid chondroplasty and also no food and water for 6 hours before thyroid chondroplasty.
  2. A plastic surgeon will draw a line on a neck of a patient where the incision will be made –according to the mutual determination between the patient and the surgeon. A careful evaluation about hiding incisions is always made for patients’ satisfaction. 
  3. The plastic surgeon will cut through skin to cartilage bones; the incision is approximately2-3 cm. For patients who have a hard Adam’s apple, other medical devices may be needed such as an electric bone cutter. Finally, the surgeon will stitch up the incisions both inside and outside and that marks the final process of the procedure. The procedure usually takes 1 hour. The patients are expected to rest at home for 1-2 days and then can go to work afterwards. 

Result after Thyroid Chondroplasty

An Adam’s apple that is used to bulge will turn smoother and more feminized. And, the incision will be hidden under neck and chin folds.  

Post-operation Care after Thyroid Chondroplasty

  • No speaking for the first 2 weeks and patients should always dry up the wounds.
  • Stitching off is due 5 days after thyroid chondroplasty.
  • Scars at a neck will last for a month and then gradually fade.
  • At 2nd-4th weeks after thyroid chondroplasty, massage a neck with cream, vitamin E or sunscreen to reduce wound tightness. 

Side effects and complications after Thyroid chondroplasty

Patients’ voice can be changed and hoarse and patients may find it difficult to swallow. These complications will be better after 3-5 days of Thyroid chondroplasty.

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