"I should have done it long time ago" told a mother of three kids

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"I should have done it long time ago" told a mother of three kids
Yui Atithaya
Business woman owning packaging business


A perfect-shaped body like Korean or Hollywood stars is definitely a dream of every girl including Yui Atithaya, a business woman owning packaging business, reveals her reasons why she decided to transform her body to be better.

I don’t have much time to take care of myself. I love beaches and natures so it is normal to wear bikinis. But, the fact that I have 3 kids now affects my breasts and I don’t look good at all in bikinis. So, I start to think about breast surgery. Fortunately, my friends have her facial skin taken care of by Dr. Sunida. But, it takes me for a while to decide to do it because I am afraid since I have never done any surgery before. But, with my husband’s support, I decide to go for it.



“After my breast surgery, I start to wonder why I haven’t done it a long time ago. Right now, whether bikinis or any other garments, I get a lot more confident. It totally changes my life.”


As I said, it changes my life since everything gets better. With better appearance and confidence, everything goes more smoothly whether for work or family.

Now, it appears that I have both Dr. Piya and Dr. Sunida taking care of me. After breast surgery, I did liposuction and facial treatments with Dr. Sunida and my friends complimented me that I look the youngest among the group.

From Yui Atithaya’s experience, anyone who wants to do breast surgery or any kinds of facial skin treatments, do not wait because Yui has already confirmed that it totally changes her life.


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