No confidence due to “crooked nose” can turn to be a beautifully prominent nose

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No confidence due to “crooked nose” can turn to be a beautifully prominent nose
Khun Koy
a full-time nurse at Police General Hospital

Khun Koy – a full-time nurse at Police General Hospital – takes care of a great number of patients. Each day, she has to face a lot of people, resulting in less confidence for she though that everyone might look at her because of her crooked nose from an accident. 

 “I once had a nose surgery but later I’ve got an accident which caused my nose to be crooked. At first, I tended to ignore it and thought that it wasn’t a problem. But as the times went on, some people started to notice my crooked nose so I started to think about fixing it. I have to see lots of people every day; some stare at me for a long time, causing me less confidence, thinking it might be because of my nose.”

Seeing the successes of Dr. Piya from my colleagues, Khun Koy decided to fix her nose at Nida Esth’; however, to make sure, she did some online researches and realized that Dr. Piya is a professional plastic surgeon with more-than-19-year experiences.

 “After consulting with the doctor, he clearly explained everything to me that when it comes to nose re-augmentation, there might be a chance of complications and problems that we should know. For example, in my case, the doctor explained about the method of how to fix it and the outcome after the procedure. I could feel that he really paid attention. Inside, the place was miraculous and sanitary; also the medical teams including nurses took such a good care of me So, I decided to choose Nida Esth’ for my new nose.”

Once she decided to fix her nose with Dr. Piya, Khun Koy scheduled her surgery date which resulting in satisfying results; her nose is now fixed and becomes prominently longer as she desires.

“It was not really swollen and bruised, compared to other cases I have seen. I feel really confident now, looking at my well-shaped nose. After the procedure, I think the makeup would become much easier. Since I met the doctor until stitching out, the doctor and nurses were really great and kind to me. I am so impressed that the doctor is really professional as my colleagues told.”

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