Thank you so much, UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant Plus + for building confidence and increasing the volume of thick hair for the most important day in my life.

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Thank you so much, UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant Plus + for building confidence and increasing the volume of thick hair for the most important day in my life.
Khun Viphada

I had thin hair for many years which seemed to be getting worse. In the past, I wasn't really worried because I thought that my hair problems would not be getting any worse than this. But, as I got older, my hair became thinner; the area in the middle of the head started to show some white scalps, as well as the parting which was about 2 inches wide, how sad. And, it was getting more stressful when I had a wedding plan in February 2020, which I had about 6 months to prepare myself. Moreover, for my wedding day, I had to tight my hair up and as I did all I could see was the white scalp; I was so stressed, thinking that it could not be put aside and I had to start a serious treatment.

I started to search for a variety methods of hair transplantations. But, if I had to undergo surgery or shave my old hair, I would choose not to do it for it sounded quite scary. Plus, my hair would be thinner. Until, I found a review of hair transplantation with UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant Plus +. The review said it was a method that did not require surgery. Once, I read the information and roughly understood the treatment guidelines, I called to consult with the nurse staff who later gave quite detailed suggestions. They informed me directly that they still did not know whether or not my problem could be treated since I had to be analyzed to see if there were hair follicles that could be planted to grow new hair or not.

On the day of the consultation, a series of photographs was taken for a comparison with the post-treatment ones. Then, a doctor analyzed my hair follicles at the cellular level with a special technology from Europe. I really felt the professionalism. If it did not work, Nida Esth’ probably wouldn't dare to reveal a report back to me because, in the report, I could see all the problem details and the severity levels of my hair as a percentage. Moreover, I also had an AI plan that tells me the processes of each treatment and, in each steps, how I need to look after myself to acquire pleasant results. After the analysis, I decided the hair transplant program with UR Cell Hair Micro Transplant Plus + could be my solution.

After the Hair Transplant program, Nida Esth’ had another program to nurse the hair root cells to accelerate hair growth for approximately 3 months. Now, after 5 months, the results showed that the 2 inch parting marks were completely gone since there was new hair growing. The areas that used to be thin turned out that the hair grew back very thickly. Also, at the front of the hairline, there was a newly formed thick hair. I felt like a new person and very confident now. My personal hairdresser who got my hair done at the wedding also told me that my hair was much thicker, resulting in beautiful hairstyles for my wedding day, becoming the most elegant bride of the day. 

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