Thin hair, an invisible problem that you should never ignore

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Thin hair, an invisible problem that you should never ignore
Mr. See
Brother of a well-known astrologist of Thailand


Mr. See, a beloved brother of a well-known astrologist of Thailand, Katha Chinabunchorn, hadn’t noticed his hair problem until he was analyzed by Nano Score Robotic System. He finally found out that his hair problem was only in its first stage. So, he didn’t wait and promptly got the right treatment to cure his problem once and for all.

“Usually, I love to style my hair. Honestly, it feels that a front part of my hair is quite thin but I ignore it. It is like you cannot see my hair problem from the outside but if you take a look closer, you’ll see.”

Analyzed by Nano Score Robotic System, I found out that my hair problem is only in its first stage, not really severe. I want to do something before it is too late; therefore, Dr. Sunida presents me Ur Cell Hair Microtransplant.



“Mr. See’s problem, according to the analysis’ result, we cannot see it from only our bare eyes. Without the Nano Score Robotic System, we would never know. Luckily, the problem is not that devastating but it is better to take a good care of it while we can.



The next step after Nano Score Robotic System, Mr. See starts to do Hair MicroTransplant in a week later. The procedure must be under a professional care of a surgeon, experienced nurses and a medical team since it is very complex and required a lot of delicacy. Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri is able to treat all hair problems such as thin hair and hair loss with Ur Cell Hair MicroTransplant and satisfies all of his patients.


“After a month, my hair starts getting thicker and thicker. Actually, the treatment session does not end at transplantation but we need to stop hair loss as well and we need to make sure that our new hair is healthy as well; as a result, I visit the clinic to get laser treatments and hair nutrients for every week. The result, I found out, is that affected areas clearly get better.



I would like to pass on my good news to those who have the same problems as I do. Do not wait until it is too late. Do something while you can when it can be cured. And, by doing so, your confidence and youthfulness will never be gone.

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