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Dr.Sunida Yuthayothin,MD,MSc

For more than 21 years of words of mouth about phenomenal experiences and successes of her laser innovations in cosmetic industry, Dr, Sunida Yuthayothin,MD,MSc - as known as “Dr.Nida”. thanks to more than 10,000 worldwide patients from both Thailand and other countries, she is trusted with her excellent masterpieces in creating beauty for each individuals with obvious results just in

Piya Rungruxsiri,MD

For more than two decades in surgical fields, no one has never heard of Pol Lt. Col Dr. Piya Rungruxsiri, a highly experienced surgeon, widely known among a number of celebrities and elite people in Thailand due to his “neat and delicate” pieces using his “Customize Technique” in cosmetic surgeries so that he can manage to meet all individuals’ satisfactions.

“Since everyone has

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With more-than-19-year experiences of esthetics, Nida Esth’ is completely trusted by thousands of both local and international patients with the words of mouth that confirm our satisfied services and results.

Every treatment and procedure is under professional care of fully experienced medical teams who are well-trained from both in Thailand and other countries. Nida Esth’ also provides plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, dermatologists and nurse teams who are always well-prepared to assist all patients through processes of every procedure.

Not only our medical teams that allow us to be trusted but also the fact that we offer a variety of technologies and innovations that can solve all esthetic...

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