Avoidance before Operation

            Before the operation, the surgeon and nurses would recommend stopping taking certain drugs, vitamins, and supplements. You might wonder why you have to stop taking them since drugs or supplements are already good for your health. That’s because certain qualities in the drugs, vitamins, and supplements are too good that they can interfere with the operation’s safeness. 


Keloid Avoidance

                        The main problem after the operation is having keloid wound that leaves scars on the body. For some cases, the keloid expands in size, which makes them have to cure the keloid wound more. The best way to protect it from happening is before you do the operation, you should inform the doctor of your chance in getting permanent scar when you have a wound.


Falling Eyelids & Unclear Vision, A Warning Sign

             Falling eyelids can come from many causes. Some people might think it is not dangerous. However, we have to look at the cause.   Some people have it due to muscle weakness. Some due to having too much fat in the eyelids. Or some is from eye muscle sagginess. If the eyelids fall too much, it can cause an ache in the neck, shoulder, and back.


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