4 Effective Methods to Hair Growth Enhancement

Nowadays, "thinning hair and baldness” are very concerning for most people as no one can deny that “hair” is one of significant parts of our body that helps us to have a good appearance. With these mentioned problems, most people lose confidence and avoid socializing with others. But, with today’s medical technologies and innovations, there are many ways to solve thinning hair and hair loss including self-treatments and hair transplantation. However, many people still have some questions that which methods will produce the best results and are worth to try.


Do you know what the Differences between Subcutaneous and Visceral Fat are?

Amazingly, everyone’s body is able to naturally accumulate fat in different ways which depend on several factors such as age, body sizes, etc. Some people’s concerns are fat around thighs and buttocks while others’ lie around other parts of a body such as upper arms and a chest area. Also, while some people have fat all over body, some have fat accumulated in just one specific area. But, regardless of where the fat is, this problem causes us a lot of anxiety, right?


Noxious Hormones; a hair follicle cell destroyer

Thin hair and hair loss problems caused by genetics and hereditary known as Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA) occur due to inheritance of an autosomal dominance or multi-factor gene transference; they are genetic factors caused by the interaction of a variety of genes together with environmental factors which often occurs in males. The symptoms do not negatively affect physical health. Adversely, they are likely to affect the mental state. Unfortunately, the symptoms of hair loss will gradually increase since young age and become more obvious as ones turn older.


Balance Diet, Conquer Obesity

In the living conditions of today's society, there are so many possibilities that people would get obese because our lives are in a rush, therefore; we are sometimes unable to have nutritional options as we should. Nevertheless, we should be vigilant since belly fat makes it difficult to lose weight and we may end up being at risk of obesity which may causes various diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, heart disease, Osteoporosis and various arthritis diseases.


How to Correctly Take Care of Yourselves after Breast Augmentation by Dr. Piya

Breast augmentation is considered as one of the most popular surgical procedures which a number of girls would love to undergo for a better appearance and confidence. However, lots are still worried whether breast augmentation is dangerous or not; will implants be harmful in the future? They also wonder about how to take care of themselves after breast augmentation? So, here we’re going to like to clarify these doubts for all women.


Tips to choose a perfect dress that matches your shape – "Hide the weaknesses" & "Enhance the strengths"

It is undeniable that individuals’ shapes are unique; we have different weaknesses and strengths. Therefore, we should choose the dress that suits the shape of our body the best to ensure that this time, regardless of what outfits we wear, we will be so beautiful that everyone must turn around to take a peak. Let's see different body shapes and dresses that match them the most. 


The Apple-shaped Body


Advance the liposuction technology with Supreme Luxury Liposuction SlimMelt by Slim Lipo.

Experience the next level of new techniques for "liposuction" – the next level of medical technology. Supreme Luxury Liposuction SlimMelt by Slim Lipo is "Fat melting and liposuction with laser needle 0.3 mm." through an optic fiber and a special wavelength. It can penetrate through the skin and dissolve excess fat precisely. It is safe and certified by the US FDA that it’s equivalently safe to hospitals in the United States. Less recovery process, no bruises and be ready to resuming your normal life immediately" 


3 secret tips to skin perfection for Asian girls

Have you ever noticed that most Japanese and Korean girls look really young no matter facial skin or body complexion? They are fairly smooth and beautiful. Even Japanese women in their forty seem to be younger than those from other countries whose age is less or the same. How wonder!! Are they actually immortal because they do not look old at all. So, let's summarize the 5 secret skin care formulas for Asian looks…

1. Seaweeds nourishes from inside to the outside


Impressed with unbelievable results of rejuvenated skin by Clear Vision

I began to have freckles around the cheek areas for quite a while. Actually, I once went to receive some laser treatments at a clinic in Silom area; however, my problem got even worse. Fortunately, there was one person I respected recommended me to meet Dr. Sunida. Scared, before the consultation, I searched for more information on their official website and found one case of a flight attendant with the exact same problem as mine which was darkened freckles after ineffective laser treatments. Dr. Sunida took care of those problems until blemishes faded.


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