Falling Eyelids & Unclear Vision, A Warning Sign

             Falling eyelids can come from many causes. Some people might think it is not dangerous. However, we have to look at the cause.   Some people have it due to muscle weakness. Some due to having too much fat in the eyelids. Or some is from eye muscle sagginess. If the eyelids fall too much, it can cause an ache in the neck, shoulder, and back.


Know Before Injection - Differences between Fat Transfer

Fat Transfer is for filling up the skin or for facial contouring. It is trending right now. But did you know that each fat has its differences,

even though it is from your own body. The Stem Cell extraction for injection is different in terms of molecule.For example, SNIF Fat Transfer is fat injection for filling.

But this type of fat naturally dissolve over time, causing us to keep filling it up continuously. Next is Micro Fat. It is smaller molecule than previous one.


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